congressWhere will you be on May 2nd, 2014? I will be in Washington DC at the US Court of Appeals with my 14 year old daughter, cheering on some very special children, some Climate Mamas, and some Climate Papas who are all demanding that the Court recognize these children’s rights and the rights of all our children to a healthy atmosphere and a safe climate system.

Can you join us?

Five individual teenagers, and two non-profits Kids vs. Global Warming and WildEarth Guardians, which represent thousands more young people, filed the lawsuit to require the federal government to immediately plan for national climate recovery, according to the prescription of Dr. James Hansen and other leading international climate scientists.

These scientists are telling us that we must restore our atmosphere to 350 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 by the end of the century if we want to avoid the disastrous planetary scenarios of 2°C of warming. Our current trajectory, created by the release into the atmosphere of human caused CO2 and other greenhouse gases, is moving us towards a difficult and possibly “impossible” future. This lawsuit relies upon the long-established legal principle of the Public Trust Doctrine, which requires our government to protect and maintain survival resources for future generations. At the oral argument, the youth will ask the Court of Appeals to recognize their constitutional right to a healthy atmosphere and safe climate system.

We know not everyone can be in Washington with us, but you can also “be there with us in spirit” and “be a force for change” by helping us share this special story about some amazing kids and some equally incredible parents and grandparents, with your friends, your family and all your circles. Continue reading

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As the saying goes, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Here are our top 3 Earth Day images…and 3 short Earth Day reminders to go with them.. N’uf Said!

8ay8y1. Clean Up Our Mess – Mother Earth is Speaking

2. Remembering Every Day Why we do what we do – Our Children

3. Our First Photograph from 1968 – Still Awesome and Awe Inspiring

Happy Earth Day Day!

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shutterstock_31966126What are you doing for Earth Day? We hope, wherever you are, you are able to get outside with the kids in your life, and spend time with and in nature. With our fast paced lives, we often forget to take time to “smell the roses” and appreciate all that our planet has to offer. Earth Day is an important day to remind ourselves and our children, why as Climate Mamas and Papas, we work so hard to protect and nurture our planet, for our now and for our future.

On Earth Day 2014, we will be spending part of our day celebrating at Union Square in New York City. We are joining Earth Day New York and are thrilled to have the opportunity to represent Rainforest Action Network’s (RAN) Palm Oil Action Team. We’ll have a lot to say tomorrow at Earth Day New York, and check in with RAN and back here often for more information on RAN’s Conflict Palm Oil and Snack Food 20 Campaigns, including the May 20th Global Day of Action. Continue reading

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widbeyI recently attended a conference organized and hosted by the Cascadia Climate Collaborative of the Whidbey Island Institute, a special, dynamic and important organization made up of thoughtful and caring people who are tackling the climate crisis from a much needed and often neglected angle.

“The climate crisis is not simply an environmental problem; it is a human problem. We have caused it, and only we can act to avert this emerging catastrophe. The human aspects of the crisis are preeminent, and a full response to the climate crisis must encompass the moral, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of this daunting new reality. Preserving a livable climate is a fundamentally moral and ethical challenge.” Cascadia Climate Cooperative.

This conference was more then a step away from my “normal circles” on the East coast, not only physically, but also far away emotionally and spiritually from where I usually let myself go. I was drawn to this event, and felt I needed to be at it after watching a video from the Cascadia Climate Cooperative’s 2013 conference, which included some footage of Sightline’s, Anna Fahey, who we have previously featured on our ClimateMama blog. Continue reading

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seigelsburnI want to share a special story, about my dearest friend and BFF Lynn, her husband Rob, and their 3 children, who live in the town of Katonah, New York. Theirs is a tale about mindfulness, giving back, and recycling…

I have known Lynn for more then half my life. We attended graduate school together many, many years ago and Lynn and I were roommates in New York City in our “wild and crazy” single years, after graduate school and before marriage, houses and kids. Lynn has always been a “go-getter” and a planner. Lynn is a person who is able to figure things out and make them happen when others can’t, she is also someone who stands up to adversity and doesn’t let it slow her down. Lynn will never ever say “no,” or “it can’t be done;” she always figures out a way.

Twin_Towers-NYCFor years, Lynn and Rob (and especially Rob who is an architect) have planned and dreamed of building a unique, safe and special home; a place to build memories, and raise their family. In fact, I have listened to Rob and Lynn talk about this with ernest, since 2001, when they were forced from their home in New York City, which was damaged in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Lynn and her young daughters were bravely rescued and evacuated from their apartment in Battery Park City, directly across the street from where the World Trade Center buildings fell. This fact is an important one, for later on in Lynn and Rob’s story. Continue reading

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harrisonfordJoin us NOW and be one of the first to watch the season premiere of the Showtime documentary series on climate change, Years of Living Dangerously. This first episode follows Harrison as he travels to Indonesia to investigate how the world’s appetite for palm oil – an ingredient in everything from candy bars to laundry detergent – has led to massive deforestation and turned that country into one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases, THE driver of human caused climate change.

We also see actor Don Cheadle connect the dots on the drought in Texas, cattle farming and food processing. We hear from New York Times veteran correspondent Thomas Freidman as he looks at the connection between war, famine and climate change through the lens of the Syrian humanitarian crisis and civil war. Grab the kids in your life, and watch it now! Continue reading

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“I’ve looked at the science myself, I’ve read as much as I can, and I’ve talked to a lot of climate scientists. I believe with absolute certainty, and 99% of climate scientists would agree with this, that the climate change we’re experiencing is human-caused, and if we don’t do something about it, the world is going to enter an age of great chaos and human misery.”

James Cameron

From James Cameron, the director of some of our favorite films – Avatar, Titanic and Terminator – along with some of our favorite stars, including: Harrison Ford, Don Cheadle, America Ferrera and Matt Damon, comes the Years of Living Dangerously, a groundbreaking SHOWTIME docu-series exploring the human impacts of climate change.

We are excited to help promote this innovative docu-series, which is a collaboration between some of Hollywood’s biggest stars as well as some of our leading national news journalists. Together, these well known personalities will be providing reports of people affected by, and seeking solutions to, climate change. The hope is that this series will attract not only seasoned Climate Mamas and Papas, but others who don’t have the breadth of knowledge about climate change that many of us in our ClimateMama community already have. As part of the old adage, “if you tell two friends and they tell two friends, and so on and so on,” the hope is that we can all help engage more people in working on innovative solutions to our climate crisis. While the news from the IPCC is stark, hard to take and frighting, events like this offer hope. The series is set to air on April 13, 2014 on SHOWTIME; but we have special news about a sneak peak preview for you! Continue reading

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The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Assessment Report of Working Group 2 was released in Japan, today, March 31st. 2014. The message is clear, dire and a hard pill to swallow.

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

Climate Change is here, now and happening, on every continent, in every country. Climate change is impacting us all, red, yellow, blue or purple, republican or democrat, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or atheist, child or grandparent, none of us are immune to the impacts of climate change.

Most major media outlets will provide their “take” on the report. Some will downplay it’s dire warnings and outlines of the risks we face from climate change, and others will “pull no punches” giving us the facts, which are almost, even for us “seasoned climate mamas and papas” too much to take. But, as with all “news” in a few days the story will be overcome by another, and the planetary emergency will seem to fade, as the urgencies of our daily lives take over. This, is a fact of our lives in the technology driven, 24/7 media cycle in which we live. In the short term though while the weight and significance of this report sinks in, we need to keep it’s conclusions at the back or forefront of our minds – long term – as we move through our busy lives. Small changes, and climate actions and examples we set for our children, our friends and families, over the course of our lives, we believe DO add up and WILL make a difference.

According to Samantha Smith, World Wildlife Global Climate & Energy Initiative:

“This report tells us that we have two clear choices: cut emissions now and invest in adaption – and have a world that has challenging and just barely manageable risks; or do nothing and face a world of devastating and unmanageable risks and impacts.”

The reports main conclusions are: Continue reading

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world”..
No one says it better then Ghandi…!

Grab the kids in your life and be inspired..and then take action with them for Earth Hour, Saturday, March 29th, 2014 at 8:30pm, wherever you live. TURN OUT THE LIGHTS, AND MAKE SOME NOISE!

Use this time to plan a daily, weekly or regular activity where you and your kids are the change that changes our world for the better. Really talk to your kids about how you feel about our changing climate and ask them how they feel too. Acknowledge that climate change is scary, but show them that you are there to face all scary monsters head on!

Remember when talking about climate change: “Tell the truth; Actions speak louder then words..and; Don’t be afraid…”


Climate Mama

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My son's first day - Climate Mama

My son’s first day – Climate Mama

Did you know that in the USA, babies born today already have 100′s of chemicals polluting their bodies? Studies by the Environmental Working Group and the Center for Disease Control link these toxins to health impacts such as asthma, birth defects, cancer and neurological disorders, to name only a few.

As parents, we try to do everything we can, to keep our children safe and healthy, and protect them from harm. Yet daily, 100’s of toxins invade our bodies and the bodies of our children against our will, and often without our knowledge! Sandra Steingraber, one of our Climate Mama heroes, calls this kind of “body invasion” toxic trespassing. Many of us often feel stuck at the sidelines and helpless. But, as we know from our fight against our changing climate, through knowledge, we can empower ourselves to take action and be part of a positive change for our children, their health, they future and their now!

One step that we all can take in regard to toxic trespass, is to demand that our government representatives help us reform the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA). Join us and become a Toxin Freedom Fighter; stand up for safer chemicals and hold companies responsible for the chemicals that they use. We are teaming up with the Global Team of 200, Mom Bloggers for Social Good and Seventh Generation to demand reform of TSCA which was introduced in 1976 and has never been updated. Please join us in this fight for our children’s health and their future! Continue reading

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