“On September 20, 2019, three days before the United Nations Climate Action Summit in NYC, young people and adults will strike all across the  world, including the United States,  to demand transformative action be taken to address the climate crisis. Millions of us will take the streets with and in support of our youth, to demand a right to a future, and we’re inviting you, our amazing Climate Mamas and Papas to  #strikewithus

 Find a strike near you to attend on September 20th. If you don’t see an event in your area, organize one! 

Whether you’re 7 or 107, you’re invited to join the movement.”

On September 20th, Climate Mamas and Papas from around the world will be standing beside, behind, and in front of our children – wherever needed – to show the world we understand clearly our climate emergency and that we must take decisive action now.

New York youth released the following statement on August 8th, 2019. Stay tuned and learn more about what is happening in your own community. Go to StrikewithUs and sign up to join a strike in your area or create one if there isn’t one already.

Join Youth to Strike for Climate on September 20th

March 15 Student School Strikes NYC City Hall

NEW YORK — New York City’s youth are striking on September 20th in Manhattan to demand radical improvement in the way our world’s governments are managing the climate crisis. The strike will specifically exert pressure on the September 23rd UN Climate Summit. The strike will address local, national, and global climate issues. We will call on governments to advance real, just climate solutions to achieve our goal of halving CO2 emissions by 2030. No longer can we allow the fossil fuel and agricultural lobbies to control the climate change debate. Instead, we are holding our governments morally accountable to youth and the already numerous victims of the crisis.

Mild, ineffective, and unjust solutions to the crisis are no longer excusable. Global temperatures have already risen one degree Celsius from pre-industrial levels. According to the IPCC’s report in 2018, if global temperatures rise even another half degree, the results will be disastrous. Sixty-nine million more people could be exposed to flooding. 70% of coral reefs will die. We are already suffering from more severe natural disasters and mass heat waves, the effects of which constitute an emergency. The Institute of Economics and Peace reported that in 2017 alone natural disasters displaced 18 million people.

“I was born and brought up in Bangladesh, a country heavily impacted by climate change. If nobody does anything, my home will be underwater by 2050. I would like to do everything in my power to protect this planet and its people from corporations that are blinded by greed.”- Fariha Mahjabin, NYU student

One reason for the sluggish rate of reform is that those affected have tended to be economically disadvantaged, politically unempowered, and marginalized. As the IPCC maintains, “Climate change is projected to be a poverty multiplier, which means that its impacts make the poor poorer and increase the total number of people living in poverty.”

“In Lerma, the rainfall of 2015 flooded my town, new factories contaminated the air, and buildings were sinking into wetlands. Economic instability, and air pollution were the things that pushed my family out of my home. When moving to New York, I realized that the climate catastrophe follows you. It is the one issue that affects everyone, everywhere, but it’s affecting marginalized communities the most. This crisis is our present, but we cannot let it be our future. That’s why youth across the globe are uniting against corporate power, against climate racism, and against the deterioration of mother earth.”- Xiye Bastida, Climate Justice Activist

The goal of the strikes is not to solve the climate crisis, but to set in motion the political, and social mechanisms that can. We have seen evidence of this potential before: youth strikes on March 15th, May 3rd, and May 24th resulted in the declaration of Climate Emergencies by 670 governments, including New York City’s. This strike hopes to build on past successes by reaffirming the international scope of the climate crisis. Striking before the UN summit will demonstrate not merely the importance of decisive action, but multilateral cooperation. Nothing so accurately embodies this message as Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s choice to join the strike. Not only is Thunberg credited with starting the Fridays for Future Movement, but she will also be making the trip to New York in a carbon neutral sailboat! Along with Greta and Fridays For Future, we have representation from other organizations in the Climate Strike Coalition, such as Earth Uprising, Zero Hour, Sunrise Movement, XR Youth, Earth Guardians, US Youth Climate Strike, Future Coalition, SustainUS, and more.

“September 20th isn’t a goal, it’s a catalyst for future action. It’s a catalyst for the engagement of humanity in the protection of Earth. It’s a catalyst for realizing the intersectionality that the climate crisis has with every other issue. It’s a catalyst for the culmination of hundreds of climate activists who won’t stop fighting until the climate emergency is over.” –Fridays For Future NYC

While led by youth, with an emphasis on our imperiled future, this march will be multigenerational; only through truly collective action can we deliver the systematic changes needed to save our present and our future. Adults have the voting power, but we all have a responsibility to make our voices heard. We call each and every person to mobilize their school, their workplace, their community, and their country. We are calling for real, globally just climate action. On September 20th, we hope you will too and #StrikeWithUs.

**Youth will meet around midday in a Manhattan location. Adults are welcome to march with them and/or join them in the afternoon rally where Greta Thunberg and others will speak. More details to follow.

For immediate release: August 8, 2019

Media contact

Lindsay Meiman | lindsay@350.org

Ben Rubin | media@strikewithus.org | 646-559-8263


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I just returned from our Climate Reality training in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As is always the case, I return home recharged; ready to speak truth to power. I am refilled with resolve and determination in large part because of the incredible people I meet at our Climate Reality trainings. People come from across the country and around the world to learn skills and gain knowledge that will help them work with people in their own communities.Together, Climate Reality leaders work with allies to educate the public and to move people forward on developing climate plans that can be implemented effectively to bring about a just transition to climate safe future. A big part of this is comes through education; sharing the facts and helping people see that each of us has a role to play in creating climate solutions. We know however, that we each have differentiate degrees of power, and those elected to serve our country often have significant power to do effect and impact change. Our responsibility as the electorate, demands that we engage with those who want our votes, and see if they are up to speed on the reality of the climate crisis and if they have solid plans for taking action. We need everyone, from all parties to be working together on our climate emergency. Sadly, in the USA today, this is not the case.

We are pleased to offer our blog page to Stacy Clark so that she can share her views and perspective. Stacy is a climate science advisor, writer and dear climate reality friend. Stacy, like many of us, is frustrated, disappointed and angry with the slow pace of progress on on our climate crisis and the snail’s pace of climate action at the national level. Stacy shares her thoughts on the importance of a debate on the climate crisis.  For us at ClimateMama,  we think a climate debate would bring forward thoughts, ideas and intersectional plans to address many of  the concerns and passions of voters across the country. We mustn’t silo our climate crisis as if it is a single “issue area.” Our climate emergency impacts everything;  all governmental policies and plans, and all levels of government should account for how the policy will mitigate climate change and also build up our resiliency as we live climate change for the rest of our lives.

The views expressed below are those of Stacy Clark.

The Climate Crisis, Gov. Inslee & the Blundering DNC

It’s getting harder to dodge the surging temperatures. I just returned from France, where Paris hit a record-breaking 109°F on July 25th  and southern France topped out over 110°F. My family and I had left the City of Lights a few days earlier for Normandy, hoping to escape the worst of the heatwave. But in Courtonne-la-Meurdrac, it was all we could do to wait-out the oppressing 107°F. All this mayhem was accompanied by soaring mercury around the globe. Britain shattered its records, as did Belgium, The Netherlands, South Asia and cities across the eastern two-thirds of the United States. There are fires in southern Europe and unexpected places like the Arctic and Alaska, water scarcity in India, rapidly melting glaciers in the Himalayas and sea level rise threatening the very existence of Fiji and the Solomon Islands. There will soon be few places that are safe from the planetary distress we’re witnessing.

Which raises two important questions:

  1. Why has Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, who is on the record saying climate change threatens the universe, banned candidates from participating in a climate debate?
  2. Why is the one democratic candidate making climate mobilization a priority, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington, not receiving daily headlines for the climate-centric campaign he has deployed?

Of course, there are many challenges ahead. Health care, the Border, foreign intervention in elections, data mining, human trafficking, women’s rights, race relations and prison reform are all gravely important issues. But in the absence of a livable planet, the risk for which appears to be arriving sooner than was predicted just five years ago, it’s hard to justify a campaign focused on anything but climate action as its primary issue.

Daunted by record temperatures, an obstructionist DNC Chairman likely compromised by generous fossil fuel contributions to the DNC, and a media that is painfully ignorant of the multi-faceted consequences of the climate crisis, I find myself searching Zillow in the hope of identifying a safe place to live. But it’s hard to unpack the risks of each area without new filters that reveal more than just the home’s square footage and number of bedrooms and baths. I want to know where the local drinking water comes from and if it’s safe from chemical contamination. Is there space to plant an organic vegetable garden? Are wind and solar-powered electricity packages available from power producers? Is there a nuclear plant, fracking operation or oil pipeline nearby that may render an otherwise appealing property a deal-breaker? Are electric vehicle charging stations and net metering incentives in place for commuters and solar homeowners? Is the neighborhood subject to flash flooding? Can community solar farms be approved easily so that apartment dwellers may access clean electricity too? Are builders directed to allow solar power installations on the new “Association” homes they sell? These and other markers are now driving my decision-making as I seek a more sustainable future in an increasingly uncertain world.

Fortunately, Governor Inslee is aware of the excruciatingly narrow window we have to defeat climate change and end the use of fossil fuels. He’s the only democratic candidate consistently speaking the language of climate scientists and activists who are clued into the epic temperature and resource threats now upon us. At the fourth democratic debate on July 30th, Inslee emphasized again his commitment to making climate change the organizing principle of his campaign. His team was first to propose a climate-centered debate and it has rallied voters to call in to the DNC to express their support for the idea. When I called, the receptionist explained that they were receiving an unusually high number of comments in support of a climate debate.

Inslee is the eco-political whistleblower and organizer of the 2020 election, sounding the alarm on the greatest threat to civilization. If Perez continues to block a climate debate, it will be the responsibility of each of us and independent journalists to make Inslee—and his message—front page news.

Stacy Clark is a climate science advisor, Climate Reality Leader and the author of When the Wind Blows, a rhyming, renewable energy adventure for kids.



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As I get ready to mentor at the August 2-4th, 2019 Minneapolis Climate Reality Training, I want to share with you a few reflections on being a Climate leader, from a dear Climate Reality friend,  colleague and Climate Mama extraordinare –  Monica Mayotte.

The Climate Reality training has given some of us the push we were looking for to challenge ourselves to take on more responsibilities and find new ways to tackle the climate crisis. Consider joining us at the next training, or the one after that; I feel strongly you will not regret it!

I can’t remember at which Climate training I first met Monica, but I was immediately impressed with her razor sharp focus and commitment to finding new ways to truly make a difference in her community and beyond. Monica, like most of the Climate Reality leaders I have met over my 12 years as a member of the Climate Reality family, is someone I know I can call at the drop of a hat, to ask for help and advice, to share a story or a laugh, and if I need to, to share a cry. Al Gore, in creating the Climate Reality Project (our leaders now number over 19,000)  has founded an incredible family of climate leaders who hail from all walks of life, backgrounds and locations around the world.   Monica’s story is one of many, and is a wonderful and hopeful example of how one person, committed to make a difference, really can!

The Climate Journey of One Amazing Climate Mama:  Taking the lead on Climate Solutions

by Monica Mayotte, Boca Raton City Council member

Monica Mayotte; used with permission.

My family’s first exposure to the climate crisis was in 2006 when the entire family went to the movies to watch Vice-President Al Gore’s first documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. We live in South Florida and it became evident that our region of the state was at the highest level of risk because of the climate crisis.

At the time, my children were 8 and 12 years old. It affected my son, the 8-year-old, the hardest. It was not my intention to frighten him, but that is exactly what happened. So, our family decided to make some immediate changes to alleviate his fears and let him know that he could make lifestyle changes to help the situation.

Some of the steps we decided he could take were:

    • He and I started riding bikes to and from school
    • He started a Stop Global Warming Club at his elementary school. He taught the club members about CFL lightbulbs (before LEDs were preferred), planted trees around campus, and started a recycling program.

  • In 2013, we both attended a Climate Reality Leadership Corp training to learn more about the climate crisis and learn how we could teach our community about solutions.
  • He made a few Climate Reality presentation to kids around town at our local library and at an Earth Day event.

In 2009, I was appointed to my city’s Green Living Advisory Board and eventually became its chairperson. The objective of this board was to educate our city residents on how to live a greener lifestyle. I had the privilege of lobbying on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. for federal climate change legislation with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby organization. This eye-opening experience made me realize that the only way to effect the biggest changes was to get elected officials to understand the crisis and do something about it.

With the Washington, D.C. experience under my belt, I realized I needed a louder voice to address the escalation of the climate crisis in my hometown. So, I decided to run for city council. After six months of campaigning, in March, 2018, I was elected to the Boca Raton City Council where I now create policy and direction to manage the city.

Since my election, some of our environmental accomplishments are:

  1. Hired a Sustainability officer
  2. Began the development of a Sustainability Action Plan
  3. Passed the following resolutions supporting:
    1. Federal climate change legislation
    2. Banning of seismic blasting off our coastline
    3. Reduction of single use plastics within city operations and encouraging residents to do the same
    4. Florida Friendly pesticide and fertilizer use to reduce the amount of chemical runoff in our stormwater system. This will help reduce the algae blooms and red tides Florida has be experiencing. These toxins get into our stormwater system and end up in our waterways that lead to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico which kills our precious marine life and cripples our tourism industry.
  4. We are still working on how to eliminate the use of RoundUp (glyphosate) in our city parks. It currently has been removed from our beachfront parks and we are still working on our remaining parks.

My hope is that my children see my commitment to our environment and follow in my footsteps as they become leaders in their own communities.

My son is now 21 years old and busy completing college in Rochester, NY. My daughter is 25 years old and lives in Aspen, Colorado, a city that is currently operating on 100% renewable energy. She enjoys the beauty of the Aspen area and embraces a sustainable lifestyle. My husband, a Florida native, and I live in Boca Raton, Florida. A beautiful, coastal community for those of all ages.


  • Climate Reality Leadership Corps
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Boca Raton Chapter member
  • Palm Beach County League of Cities Board Member
  • Palm Beach County Water Resources Task Force member (awaiting appointment)
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Most if not all parents have a desire to raise their children to develop meaningful life habits. A great place to start when it comes to positive habit development is with sustainability. Teaching your children to take care of our planet will help instill lifelong traits of both leadership and responsibility. If you’re hoping to raise some eco-friendly activists in your home, consider these tips below for teaching your kids about sustainability. 

 Less, Not Excess

There is something to be said about raising children to be content with what they have. Though cultivating a mindset at home of “less is more” might be a concept you’re already familiar with, there are many fun ways to teach your children this mentality. Helping your children to be content with less will lower harmful manufacturing costs in the long run, thus lessening their impact. One great tip for doing this is by placing a value on the importance of giving. Take note of the items they no longer play with and encourage your children to donate old toys often. Take them with you to do local volunteer work in the community. Whether this work involves providing meals for the less fortunate or helping to build a local garden, volunteering will teach your kids to appreciate all that they have. A more simple route is to be mindful of how often you say thank you to your partner and guests in your home. Take every opportunity to be an example of gratefulness, and your children will truly understand that less is better than excess.

 Shop Secondhand

 The impact textile waste has on our planet is a steadily growing problem, and connecting the dots between our textile waste and climate crisis is a great lesson. Teaching your kids to shop secondhand is a powerful way to reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that come from manufacturing. Diverting textile waste from ending up in landfills also reduces methane emissions, emitted by landfills, that are accelerating our climate crisis. Educate our children of all ages on the impact textile waste has on the planet and encourage them, by our own example  to thrift their clothes, is a great lesson. Teens today have an eye for fun, vintage, looks and will most likely enjoy looking for lightly used outfits to add to their wardrobe. Even if your teen has an eye for the finer things, they’ll be able to thrift great name brands by utilizing online consignment shops like thredUP. Lastly, if your kids are on the younger side, take them out to a local thrift store, and make a game out of finding hidden antique treasures. The more your kids start to enjoy thrifting, the less of an impact they’ll have on the planet!

 Get them outside

One reason it’s hard to raise children who truly value our planet is because they tend to spend little time outdoors. If you haven’t done so already, and even if you have, a fun summer family adventure is camping. Whether it’s in your own backyard or at a nearby campground, make it a simple summer goal to experience more fresh air. Get excited about the outdoors and your kids are guaranteed to share in your excitement as well. Find a nearby hiking trail that you know will end in a great view of your surroundings, and use it as a way to teach your kids about the importance of fighting deforestation. Whether you use the outdoor time as a teaching moment, or you simply encourage finding a place to plant a family tree at home, making use of time outside is a great way to develop a sustainable mindset.

 Plant & Compost

Developing a system of compost recycling at home and even taking it one step further by planting an at-home garden are great ways to help your kids truly appreciate sustainability. Whether you purchase a composting system or make your own, turning your kitchen waste into fertilizer will help your recycling endeavors come full circle. Be sure to walk through each step with your kids to show them how their daily trash can actually be recycled into growing fresh fruits and veggies. Both of these processes will help children feel more in touch with the environment, and hopefully will give them greener thumbs!

Let us know how YOU teach your kids to be more sustainable and mindful!

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A World’s Tale

“What happens next?….This story has not ended yet, the writing pen is in your hands. The choice for this planet we call home to be handed over with no regrets.”

These are the closing words in a short film by two young Australian film makers, Eugenio Tarantola and Enrico Lerda.The film brings home the beauty, the riches, and the hope that is our planet. Yet, in the blink of an eye, our species has brought all other species on our planet to the brink of extinction. Our planet will survive, will we? That story has yet to unfold.

An earlier film,  by Eugene and Enrico – We Will Rise, A March for Climate Change – showed us the voices and actions of young people in Australia, demanding to be heard, as they call loudly for climate action. Our children around the world are standing up and shouting out for us to hear and see them. Their future and now, threatened by actions we have taken that have thrust our planet out of balance, as we all live our climate crisis.

Can we find a way to live in better harmony with our planet? Repair the wounds we have inflicted? Many, many of us us are working overtime to do just that.

With thanks to our Climate Mamas and Papas around the world for taking action as we fight to create a future and now for our children where they not only survive but thrive and where we can and will hand over our planet, “with no regrets”…


Climate Mama


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On the streets of London 5/12/19 @mothersriseup

Happy Mothers day to all our Climate Mamas, across the US, Canada, the UK and the world. Every day, you show your children and all of us, how much you love them by demanding climate action, by talking about our climate crisis, by showing you are unafraid of the scariest, most dangerous and most powerful thing any of us will face in our lifetime, the climate emergency we are living now.

We wanted to share with you what some amazing UK climate mamas  are up to this Mothers Day – moms and dads with @MothersRiseUp are marching through the streets of London,  for their children and ours.  Why?

From the mums at Mothers Rise Up:

“This is for the mother who knows climate change is personal. For the mother who can’t hold her children tight enough when she thinks of their future. This is for the mother who has had enough of feeling helpless. For the mother who can bear the inaction of our government no longer. This is for the mother who may have never marched before, but whose feet are already moving. This is your march!

There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s instinct to protect her child!

But this is not just for Mums! We welcome anyone who is moved by love for a child and by love for our planet to protest: grandmothers, aunties, godparents, child-minders, friends; those yet to have children, those who can’t and those who have chosen not to. Equally, we welcome the support of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and friends. We all make a difference. We are all custodians of our threatened home.”

While many of us can’t be in the streets of London, we can lend our support, our thanks and our love. One way we can do this is to talk with our kids this mothers day (and everyday) about why we give so much of our time and energy to raising attention and acting on our climate crisis.  Another way is to take action, here are 3 ideas for crafts and project to do with the kids in your life.

From Australia via Dr. Heidi Edmonds

3 Art and Craft Projects to do with your children:

  1. Create a skit, a diorama, a display with your children incorporating their favorite toys, set this up with some handmade signs, take a picture and share it with your friends, your family and with us.
  2. While we teach our children to clean up their messes, sometimes its fun to make them together too! Get out some paint, and have your child make some handprints, including one on your hand, then take a picture of their hand in yours. Share this with us too.
  3. Make a poster in solidarity with a march, a rally an event that is happening in your

    photo used with permission, @ErikMcGreggor

    area. The students in Ridgefield NJ spent Saturday, May 12th making posters for a March on May 18th in their hometown. As elders and parents, join your children who are striking, marching and rallying for their future, their now, and ours.


Our Climate Mama Motto: Tell the truth, actions speak louder than words, don’t be afraid.

Happy Mothers Day,


From YOUR Climate Mama


P.S. Check out Our Kids Climate, a place where many parent groups from around the world are coalescing and sharing our hopes, our dreams and our actions for our children and yours.

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Inspired by this Christmas Eve 1968 photograph of our home taken from the Apollo 8 space mission, we celebrated the first Earth Day, two years later in 1970. Almost 50 years later, our planet is healthier in some respects than she was then, and yet infinitely worse. Of course, the Earth – our home – has been here for billions of years and will continue to be here well into the future.  The question, as we enter the epoch of the Anthropocene, is: “Will we?”

The good news from our ClimateMama vantage point  is that we see and feel that so many more people are engaged, aware and taking action to protect our species and all species,  to be kinder to our planet, and to recognize the emergency that we face. As we live our climate crisis, our actions – the burning and mining of fossil fuels, industrial agriculture, and deforestation, to name the “big three” – have put our species and many others in mortal danger. Scientists tell us we have entered the 6th mass extinction of our planet and have only 11 years to dramatically turn things around – yet so many are still asleep at the wheel. Be inspired, others are finally walking up and joining us!

We want to share with you a story of inspiring and uplifting Climate Mamas from the United Kingdom, Mothers Rise Up. These mums, like so many of our Climate Mamas and Papas rising up around the world, give us hope each and every day. We feel the transition and the coming transformation to a livable world that we are all helping to put in motion, it’s happening…  With the passion and actions of groups like Mothers Rise Up, we and our children will not only live climate change but we will find ways to thrive as well.

Who Are Mothers Rise Up? We are everyday mums. We are teachers, doctors, nurses, artists, charity workers. We are of diverse backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities. Some of us have been worrying about climate change for years; some of us are just now waking up to the crisis.

We try to reduce our family’s carbon footprint. But we know that a seismic shift is needed within the next decade to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown.

We are connected by love for our children and a resolution to act. As in nature, there is nothing more powerful than a mother’s instinct to protect her child.

We are inspired by the youth climate strikes, the wave of green activism and each other. Now, it’s time to send in the mommas! The future of our children and our home is at stake. And time is running out.

Our plan On 12 May, International Mother’s Day, we will come together and rise as a maternal force. With pushchairs and song, we will gather at Hyde Park Corner at 12 noon and march to Parliament Square and demand the government takes urgent, drastic action to address the climate crisis. Continue reading

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March 15 Student School Climate Strikes NYC City Hall

Our children are rising…are we? Around the world, led by an unlikely but heroic 16 year old from Sweden, each week on Friday – around the world – 10’s of thousands of students, many not old enough to vote, are taking to the streets. Our children are demanding Climate Action NOW. Inspired by the Florida Parkland students demanding action on sensible gun laws, our children are asking us to open our eyes and be sensible too – we need to treat our climate crisis with the urgency that an emergency call for; our house is on fire, we must act.

This video was created by Australian youth leaders, sharing their concerns, demands and calls for climate action. They sent their video to us, so we could share it with you. Please take a few minutes and watch it; share it with the children in your life! 

The good news is that we ARE listening, or at least many of us are, and we ARE finding many, many ways to take action now, and to help engage and empower other parents so they can respond to their children’s calls for help too. As Climate Mamas and Papas, we live by our motto: “Tell the truth, actions are louder than words, don’t be afraid.”

As part of our commitment to action, we are thrilled to share with you, the re-launch of an international coalition of parents, working to shine a light on our climate emergency and help others do so too. ClimateMama is a proud founding member of Our Kids Climate, which formally launched on April 11, 2019, at United Nations headquarters in NYC, through an event sponsored by The Permanent Mission of Austria to the United Nations and the Women’s International Forum. Organized by Dear Tomorrow   and Foraldravralet, in partnership with 18 parent organizations from around the world  – large and small –  the event highlighting the unique role of women and parents in developing innovative climate solutions.

The event featured a distinguished panel of speakers including: Gina McCarthy, former head of the EPA under Obama; H.E. Juliane Bogner Strauß – Minister of Women, Families and Youth of the Republic of Austria; Latica Tomašić-Kickert, President of the Women´s International Forum of the United Nations; Vanessa Hauc of Telemundo/NBC; Ngedikes Olai Uludong, Representative from Palau to the UN; Representative Donna Bullock of Pennsylvania, and Jill Kubit, co-founder and director of DearTomorrow.

In a packed room filled with a diverse crowd of climate advocates, parent leaders, international ambassadors, and teen activists, panelists made a bold call for climate action and emphasized the need to approach the issue from a deeply personal place of love for their children. You can watch a video of the event on UN TV here, and find out more about Our Kids Climate and our partner organizations here . Our position statement is below.

Our Kids Climate: Position Statement  (April, 2019)


We are parents, grandparents, and families from around the world, and we are acting to protect the children we love – and children everywhere – from the threats posed by the current climate crisis and air pollution.

We are the uncompromising defenders of the most vulnerable children living where droughts, storms, sea level rise, flooding and heat waves are now getting even deadlier. And of children suffering from increasing health problems due to air and climate pollution, like asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses.

We are supporting the children and youth all over the world who are demanding bold action to address the climate crisis through school strikes, lawsuits and other ways of making their voices heard.

We are using our parent power to ensure that all children have a right to a safe, healthy and fair future, today and tomorrow – a future full of hope and possibilities. And we will ensure that governments and companies are held to account.


Even though we know how to solve the climate crisis and we have the technological solutions, the transition of our societies is stalled. This is due to a lack of will from political leaders, companies clinging to old business models, and too little public pressure to change the status quo. This is what is destroying our climate system, on which life itself depends.

Today’s climate policies and commitments are set to take us to a world beyond 3℃ degrees of warming. This is undoubtedly putting all of humanity at risk. We simply cannot accept handing over such a world to our children.

The climate crisis is already harming our children today through deadlier droughts, storms, sea level rise, flooding and heat waves, and children are the most vulnerable to these disasters. They are also disproportionately impacted by the poverty, food insecurity, displacement, and psychological trauma that is caused by climate disasters. The effect of inaction is stark– more children will suffer harm and even death if we don’t act swiftly and decisively.


We need to create a safe, healthy, and fair world for all children today and tomorrow. A world where our own children can grow up and dream of their future. A future filled with hope and possibilities.

To achieve this, we need transformative, science-based political, societal and business solutions that are strong enough to protect the children we love from an uncertain future of escalating climate change – a situation they neither have caused nor are responsible for.

We also need to systematically name and confront the powerful interests blocking climate action.  And we need more parents to rise up to protect the children we love – and children everywhere – from the climate crisis, and support the transition to a better tomorrow.

As parents, we will take actions in our own lives. We commit to shifting toward more sustainable ways of living, to actively engaging our communities, and to act politically.

We demand that leaders everywhere step up and make a #ClimatePromise for our kids.

  1. Commit to treating climate change as the global crisis that it is, to work to quickly stabilise global temperatures, and completely decarbonise our economies.

  2. Commit to working towards a rapid and just transition of our societies to clean, renewable energy and increase resilience to climate impacts, ensuring we support those countries, people and groups most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

  3. Commit to challenging the governments and companies that are clinging to unsustainable business models, making sure they work to secure a thriving future for all humanity.

The transition of our societies will in the long-term mean a better future for all of us. It will mean cleaner air, thriving ecosystems and healthier people.

Handing over a liveable world where the next generation can thrive is our moral responsibility as caretakers of our children, and this is a matter of justice for children everywhere. We will use the power of the love for our children, our collective voices and our votes to drive transformational change.

The time to act is right now.





Your Climate Mama, Harriet

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Earth Hour has been raising attention to the unfolding climate crisis since 2007, helping millions on their journey to understand the reality and urgency of the climate crisis we face. In 2018, Earth Hour was celebrated in over 180 countries. Earth Hour has helped empower people to take action well beyond the “day” too; from pushing for environmentally-friendly laws and policies to crowdfunding for a better future,  each one of us helps push the boulder up the hill on climate solutions, and also helps slow it down when it begins to roll back. We know our Climate Mamas and Papas embrace “Earth Hour” each hour of every day. As with Earth Day, on April 22nd, Earth Hour provides a platform to remind so many others to join us in our life long journey as we all live climate change.

So, join us on Saturday, March 30th at 8.30PM your local time and invite your friends, your family and your community to switch off the lights and speak up on climate solutions, hopes and actions. Together when millions of people come together at the same moment, the universe feels it!

With the kids in your life, pledge to work on climate solutions at Voice for the Planet, and follow up in weekly family meeting to see how each family member is doing.  Learn more at the Earth Hour website and share the Earth Hour tools with your family, students, teachers, and broader community.


Climate Mama

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Balzano, Northern Italy, February 2019

On March 15th, 2019 around the world, young students from grade school through college will  walk out of class to demand action on our climate crisis. There is a saying that begins, “out of the mouths of babes…” implying our children tell it like it is, with no pretext –  just the truth. At ClimateMama we have been working with children and their parents on actions to address the climate crisis for 10 years. Over this past year we feel there has been a transformative shift in public recognition of the urgency of our climate crisis, being led – in large part –  by our children.  One important “spark” has been the “Fridays for the Future” strikes started in August 2018 by Greta Thunberg, a young Swedish student. Greta has ignited a youth movement which has swept across Europe and is now spreading across the world. Children too young to vote are demanding real and sustained action on our climate crisis, NOW.

We are thrilled to share with you a post by a high school student from New Jersey, Alani Rose, who is organizing school strikes across New Jersey. Be prepared to be inspired! And also, consider attending one of the school strikes near you, in New Jersey or wherever you are across the country or the world.  As parents and elders deeply concerned about the climate crisis, it is our responsibility to support our children, however and wherever needed. We all will be living climate change for the rest of our lives and we all need to be doing what we can to create solutions. 


by Alani Rose

We, the youth, have had enough. It is time for our world leaders to take action by preventing a serious environmental catastrophe that scientists have proven to arise within the next 11 years. That is why students around the globe will be striking school on Friday, March 15, to join forces and take action against climate change.

 The US Youth Climate Strike is a completely youth-led organization working to help organize school strikes across the nation.

 Our mission statement:

We, the youth of America, are striking because decades of inaction has left us with just 11 years to change the trajectory of the worst effects of climate change, according to the Oct 2018 UN IPCC Report.

We are striking because our world leaders have yet to acknowledge, prioritize, or properly address our climate crisis.

We are striking because marginalized communities across our nation —especially communities of color, disabled communities, and low- income communities— are already disproportionately impacted by climate change.

We are striking because if the social order is disrupted by our refusal to attend school, then the system is forced to face the climate crisis and enact change. With our futures at stake, we call for radical legislative action to combat climate change and its countless detrimental effects on the American people.

We are striking for the Green New Deal, for a fair and just transition to a 100% renewable economy, and for ending the creation of additional fossil fuel infrastructure.

Additionally, we believe the climate crisis should be declared a national emergency because we are running out of time.

I, being a senior in high school am striking because I believe the most important thing for our nation to prioritize is climate change. So many people I encounter in my daily life seem to not understand the drastic effects and consequences that global warming has and will cause.  By a majority of humans turning a blind eye to these serious changes, the future of our youth is in jeopardy.  It is time for us to stand up, just as Greta Thunberg (a 16-year-old Swedish activist who started striking school to stand outside the Swedish parliament to bring action to the massive climate issue) is; and put this environmental crisis before our systematic education. Tens of thousands of students now stand beside her from all across the globe. And you will see and hear us on March 15.

 Spread the word to YOUTH in your communities to join the movement, and attend one of the NJ Climate Strike rallies in Trenton, Morristown, Newark, Princeton, or Edison. We encourage our non-youth supporters to join us on March 15 as well! The rallies will take place in these towns for students and supporters to gather, take action in our local governments, hear speakers, and rally for change on how we are to address this crisis as a nation.

More information can be found at https://www.youthclimatestrikeus.org/strikes.

Instagram: @climatestrikenj

Twitter: @njclimatestrike.

As we are a youth-led organization, monetary support is highly appreciated. Click Here to donate.

We are currently in search of youth and professional speakers for all our NJ rallies. if interested, please fill out this form Here.

 Morristown Youth Climate Strike:  12pm on the Lawn of Morristown Town Hall. See the facebook event page Here.

 Any questions, advice, or for more information on the MORRISTOWN strike, you can contact me at alani.rose7 (at) gmail.com.

 I will be striking March 15, will you?

 Alani Rose is a NJ High School Senior


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