Holiday Giving: Support Front Line Communities

Used with permission © Erik McGregor - - 917-225-8963

Used with permission © Erik McGregor – – 917-225-8963

At ClimateMama, we work hard to shine a spotlight on Climate Mamas and Papas on the front lines of fossil fuel infrastructure expansion – those who are fighting to stop pipelines, wells, compressor stations and more, in order to protect our bodies, our water, air, land, future and now. The world needs not only to witness what is happening but to open all eyes, so that we can all plan and put actions in place, so that we, and our Mother Earth, can begin to heal. Now more then ever, we all must stand up, be on guard and be counted on, to protect our children, our future and our now. By highlighting those who are already doing this hard work, we hope to inspire others to join us.

Along these lines, we are therefore honored to share with you a special holiday program, A Front Line Holiday, shared with us by one of our favorite Climate Mamas, Cherri Foytlin.

Cherri is a true heroine, who inspires us everyday. She is unafraid to speak out, to put her body on the line and to stand firm for her children and ours. At this time of giving, of holiday cheer and of togetherness, Cherri reminds us and gives us all a way to ensure that we all celebrate and are celebrated. Taking time to breath, to be with loved ones, and to remind ourselves what we are fighting to protect, is critical to renewing our strength and our resolve. Please read and share Cherri’s note. Join us in helping to make the holidays shine a little brighter this year for everyone.

A Front Line Holiday Program
Shared by Cherri Foytlin

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 11.10.20 AMToday I am writing you about an opportunity that I have been proud to be a part of in recent years – A FRONT LINE HOLIDAY (AFLH). This is a grassroots initiative, now also supported by Bold Alliance. AFLH is meant to help provide holiday relief to families living in communities that continue to deal with the effects of extreme extraction and climate chaos.

Additionally, and aside from the focus, a major difference in this program and other holiday toy drives is that we hope to spotlight issues at every location and heroes at every level from within our grassroots movement.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: The community leader and/or organization fills out the AFLH application form. They write a short description of their community and how it is being affected, list children’s wishes and/or sizes, and submit a photo.

We will then list the information on our site along with a link to a custom Amazon wish list. The items, once donated, will be shipped directly to the applicant who will then give to the parent. The vision is that the parent (or Santa) will then wrap the gift and give to the child.

Heroes at every step.

okc2In past years, communities have held a holiday party and invited the parents and the children and this is a great idea too. The point is that we are building relationships and community, while uplifting front line and grass root voices. We strengthen our movement, while providing some smiles for the babies. What could be better?

A Front Line Holiday is open to communities who are dealing with harmful effects caused by extraction (coal, oil, gas), refinery and toxic pit neighboring communities, and those who are now experiencing the pain of a climate in crisis – floods, wildfires, land, and culture loss.

– Ten to twenty families are a good amount for each community, and they will be easier to get filled.
Send a compelling photo and paragraph detailing why this support is needed. All submitted text and photos will be used to promote the AFLH toy drive.
– Promote community and support this initiative by sharing links through social media and your network as well.
– Don’t forget to get sizes or particular information that might be helpful to find just the right gifts (EXAMPLE: Mikey, 12 yo, size 8 black and white Nike’s, sketchbook…)

– Share and make an appeal for support within your networks.
– Please watch the A Front Line Holiday page on Facebook for updates, as well as to share posts.
Make a donation!
– Adopt a community, grassroots organization, or family!
– Buy a gift directly from The Front Line CLIMATE WISH LIST on Amazon

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