Paying It Forward: Climate Hope

okchandsAs Climate Mamas and Papas our mantra for our children is: “Tell the truth, actions speak louder then words, and don’t be afraid.” When it comes to fighting against climate inaction and for climate hope and our future, these are words we live by everyday.

As well, we strive to build up and support friends, family and sometimes total strangers, who are working with, alongside, in front and behind us creating a livable, safe, healthy and sustainable world. How each of us goes about creating climate hope varies greatly and is different for each of us. Our Climate Mamas and Papas work to stop pipelines, compressor stations and fossil fuel infrastructure, we put our bodies and souls on the line regularly, we work to educate others about the realities of the crisis we face, and we build up industries, companies and organizations that lead us to a fossil free world. We fight for chemical and toxin reform. We make art and join in song and we dance to wake people up to the beauty of our planet and why we must work so hard to save ourselves and along the way help heal our world!

At ClimateMama, we will be adding to our mantra in 2017: act on your passions. We need everyone to dive in head first and fight for their passions. Connecting the dots on how our passions will help alleviate climate chaos will be different and possibly unique for each one of us, but it will become clear and is how we keep going.

Our friends and partners at Stonyfield have encouraged us to think about one small way that we each can “pay it forward” this holiday season. I am a Stonyfield Yo-getter, and ideas and challenges like this remind me how proud I am to be working with this special company. I am part of a team of mom bloggers from around the country, who together “shout out” our support in a variety of different ways and for a range of different reasons, and for a company that goes the extra mile. Stonyfield helps us: to help our families eat healthy food, to be more healthy ourselves and also – and to me this is soooo very important – to help our planet stay healthy too!

imagesSo, particularly this year, at the end of 2016, a year that has been filled with animosity, anxiety and divisions, we at ClimateMama were thrilled to take some time to think about ways we can PAY IT forward and suggest some ideas for you to do the same.

Here is what we have done this holiday season to directly help others who are passionate about climate solutions and who could use some extra love and support this holiday season. We have supported Frontline Holiday and encourage you to do the same. Even if it may be too late to participate for Christmas this year, the community groups identified by the Bold Alliance deserve our thanks and recognition all year around.

More broadly, and on a very local basis my family participates with a local program called “All Wrapped up”. Through our local county Volunteer Action Center we adopt a family over the holidays. We never meet this family in person, but we know we get to bring smiles to their faces. We are provided with their first names, their ages and wishes and we purchase presents for each of them, helping to make their holiday a little brighter and filled with magic. This has become a ritual for my daughter and I. We take time and give great thought – spending time paying it forward, together.

Please join us and “Pay it Forward” in whatever way you and your family can. We all need one another – these days more then ever. We must find more and more ways to take down barriers and get outside our comfort zones. Meeting others who may seem different at first is a first step to realizing that there are many ways we are all similar. Finding common ground, common passions, common hopes and dreams – often begins with our children and our hopes and dreams for them. As we live climate change, and as we face an incoming administration in the United States who so far has given every indication that the reality of the climate crisis isn’t a priority tells us that we need each other more then every.

With Warm Wishes for the Holidays and with Thanks to all,


Climate Mama

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