We Marched: What Comes Next?

We march for women, we march for jobs, for healthcare, for justice, for the climate and we march for science, facts and the truth. Our children are beside us, behind us and in front of us. For so many of us living in the United States in 2017, it often feels like we are living in a “parallel universe.” Every day as we turn on the News, or connect to our friends and family via social media, we are confronted with new body blows; blows to what we hold dear, and near – our values, morals, laws and ethics – and our children’s future and now.

Our ClimateMama community represents parents from across the country – both coasts, the heartland, the Rockies, the south the middle and everywhere in between. We seem invincible, and at the same time vulnerable, understanding clearly that our children’s future and now is in our hands. We also feel the real and aggressive forces trying to take away the hopes we have for our children which are also chipping away at the hopes we have for ourselves.

We have chosen not to be paralyzed and not to accept these negative challenges to our air, our water, our rights, our future and our hope. We are fighting back and we are resisting normalizing what isn’t normal; that is why we march, and why marching matters.

How we “march” is different for each of us. Many of us march with our bodies in the streets and in our neighborhoods. Some of us march with our voices, speaking out at townhalls, at PTA meetings, and in our company boardrooms. Others of us use our pens, writing to our elected officials and the companies and organizations that ask for our support. We all are marching with renewed resolve.

Most importantly, we need to continue showing up. Not only at “our” marches but also at the marches of our sisters, our brothers, our neighbors and our friends. We need to “connect the dots” between our passions and our concerns, and those passions and concerns of others. We need to be participants – in America – and in our democracy. What seems clear now to so many of us is that we have been “sleeping.” We assumed, someone was minding the store, but in fact no one really was. So, it really is up to us.

What is clear as well, is that we have now entered the Anthropocence, an epoch and an era where we humans are the dominant forcing agents on our planet. We have the ability now to alter and change our planet and disrupt her ecosystems and her ability to function in balance. Our future and now depends on our plant’s ability to heal herself; thereby what happens tomorrow, is critically dependent on we do today.

So what can we do to fight back against these existential threats we have put in motion? First and foremost we must not feel overwhelmed, overtired or paralyzed. Our ClimateMama motto: “Tell the truth, actions speak louder than words and don’t be afraid” must stay up front and center in our thoughts and our actions. There is room for all of us, and a million ways we can and must stay involved. So, wherever your passions lie, embrace them, speak out and MARCH. And when you are asked to join and march with others, find a way.

With thanks,

Climate Mama.

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2 Responses to We Marched: What Comes Next?

  1. Mack says:

    What’s next? It’s time to close the blog….it’s all over…we’ve entered the New Trumpocene…

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