Our Future: Trump vs Wonder Woman

I just saw the latest Wonder Woman movie with my daughter. I loved it! Instead of the heavy weight I seem to feel every day as I turn on and then off the tv or the radio – listening and then shutting out news of yet another mass killing, suicide attack or a clip of President Trump speaking about something that to me is the opposite of good – today I lost myself in a Hollywood blockbuster movie about powerful women standing up against evil and for humanity.  However flawed we may be, I do think that with a little help, we can save ourselves and give our planet a fighting chance to heal. Without ruining the movie for you, the story is a classic one – good vs evil – in this case Diane, Goddess of the Amazons  vs Aries, the God of War.

I haven’t heard the director or screen writer speak about the movie, but it seemed to me an interesting parallel to today. We have an “Aries like” president, bent on war through words and actions: war not only with our enemies, but with our friends, our mother earth, us, our children, our future and now. The bottom line in the movie is that love – for each other and our planet –  will save us. As the veil is lifted again and again by another hurtful and vengeful tweet, or by an inexplicable act like pulling our country out of the Paris Climate Agreement, I think we will and can rise up for love and against the bully in the White House and those who were elected to represent us but do not.

In case you don’t have time to see Wonder Woman today, we wanted to share a short video from the “Don’t Just Sit There Do Something” series, created by our partners and friends at Communitopia, and staring the unflappable Joylette Portlock – Future President Gives State of the Climate Address.

This video is timely, witty and eye-opening – a trip back to the future; share it with the kids in your life. Joylette portrays a USA leader from the future who – like Wonder Woman – reminds us that good can trump evil. We at ClimateMama, in chorus with world leaders and US states, cities and businesses, agree that Trump’s ill conceived decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement is a wake up call to action, rather than a doomsday address. Thanks Communitopia for helping us visualize the future; a place where a strong United States government and its leader is committed to building a safe, secure, just and sustainable future for our children and for us all.

Do your own research. Uncover the facts so that you can clearly understand and see the many ways that Trump has manipulate the truth when it comes to what the Paris Climate Agreement is all about. The United States continues to move forward  reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and leading on climate change policy and action, regardless of what is said by the Trump administration. Actions speak louder than words. The sustainability revolution has begun and Trump will not unravel it.

Check out the new website, WeAreStillIn which lists the cities, states, companies and universities that are committed to meeting the Paris Agreement.

Our role is to double down and show the world that climate change must no longer be entangled in partisan politics – it never should have been – we just don’t have time for this;  our children’s future and now IS in our hands. As Climate Mamas and Papas from all political parties and persuasions, we must continue to speak the truth and act on climate change, in our homes, our communities and in the ballot boxes.

With a shout out to all our many Wonder Women Climate Mamas..thank you for what you do every day, and also a shout out to the Climate Papas who love and support us.



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