Climate Week: Where’s YOUR Climate Mama?

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Traditionally, the United Nations General Assembly begins the third Tuesday in September. Having worked for years at the United Nations, I remember the excitement, the anticipation and the hope. This year, with a global health pandemic pulsating throughout the world, the start of the General Assembly seems somehow, less relevant. However, in many ways it couldn’t be more relevant. This year is the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations. An important milestone to mark, to note and to celebrate.

As COVID has shown us, local and regional solutions to global problems, and even individual actions – like mask wearing – can help create solutions and slow down existing and impending crises. We must do the same with the climate crisis – everything we can at every level of action that we can be involved with; from working with our families on how we use energy and what  foods we eat,  to taking actions that have national implications, like voting. However, ultimately and in addition, we know that we must have systemic change and we will  need governments around the world to share ideas, best practices and take action together and apart – therefore the United Nations has and will continue to have, an important role to play. We look forward to celebrating 75 years of the United Nations in 2020 and many more years to come.

In addition to September being the start of the United Nations General Assembly – NYC, where the UN is headquartered –  has also become home to a September  “Climate Week”.  Through this program, events around climate solutions are discussed, devised and debated. This year, with so many things online because of COVID, you don’t need to be in New York City to participate. Check out some of the amazing listing from the Climate Group and use your search engine to search for more @ climate week events.

I have the honor and the privilege of speaking at many events this week around my new book, “How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change, Turning Angst into Action” and more broadly about many of the issues angst raises but that action  helps move forward. Find out where YOUR favorite climate mama is at the author page on our site. Almost all of these upcoming events are free and open to the public.

I am thrilled to be sharing my message of active hope and climate action across the country and around the world. I would love to come and speak to your group, organization, house of worship or company. Be in touch at as days are booking up fast!


Your Climate Mama,



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