Earth Day: Celebrating #OurOtherMother

Used with Permission: Artist Anita Bagdi

To all our Climate Mamas and Papas, Happy Earth Day! We know that each of you celebrate, protect and hold dear, #ourothermother, planet Earth, each and every day. Today we are thrilled to share with you a special video collage, put together by our friends at Our Kids Climate  The photos in the video (including the one to the left by the amazing Climate Mama, illustrator extraordinaire, Anita Bagdi, are all part of a special campaign linked together by the hashtag #ourothermother.

Many countries celebrate Mother’s Day in May.  Climate Mamas and Papas across the world are joining in to create a truly international moment as we continue to build a movement.

The #ourothermother campaign and the wonderful illustrations in this video were part of an early launch in the United Kingdom, for Mother’s Day which was celebrated on March 14th in the UK. Stay tuned for more information about the campaign but in its very simplest form, we will be sharing illustrations, photos, poems and stories about our OTHER mother, mother earth with the hashtag #ourothermother. Together we will help the campaign go viral and it will serve as one more reminder to all (especially  to our elected and corporate leaders, who can go BIG on climate) that we are watching what they do while we do all we can to protect our other mother as she works overtime to protect us. There is so much at stake. Begin today by having the children in your life create their own #ourothermother masterpiece. 

Thank you for being our support community and for building our active hope that together we can slow down our climate crisis and create a livable future and now for all our children.

With love,


Your Climate Mama

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