Climate Dice: A Tool for Action, (Re)imagination and Climate Hope

The opportunity to meet and interact with Climate Mamas and Papas the world over is one of the special gifts that ClimateMama has given to me, personally. Recently I have had the opportunity to meet one of these special people, Pendar Vatanian, a Climate Papa who lives in the United Kingdom. Over the years, Pendar has worked on climate education and advocacy with a focus on empowering and inspiring young children. Together with his wife Assal they created and now manage MindYourFootprint, a non-profit organization that helps parents, teachers and youth expand their knowledge about some of the most important environmental and social issues facing the world and also, providing concrete examples of how to become engaged.

Pendar’s latest project is called #ClimateDice, a collaboration with MindYourFootprint. The project is:  “A powerful tool to educate children about climate change and environmental issues and to empower them to (RE)imagine an alternative better future where they can transform the climate crisis threats into new possibilities and opportunities for change. It’s a great tool to talk to children about climate change and let them discuss their fears and hopes for a better world.”

This past mother’s day, Pendar shared a deeply personal story with me of how he lost his mother to cancer when he was only 6 years old. Sadly, for many years he felt responsible for not being able to save her, clearly somethings far beyond a child’s capacity. In part because of his personal experience, Pendar has worked hard to  create  opportunities whereby children can develop and enhancing their own self efficacy and their abilities to be part of solutions that work to create a more positive future.  Pendar now has a 6 year old of his own. “When my wife and I had our daughter, the year before the Paris Agreement – I promised myself that I will take care of her. I cannot nor will not let my daughter down. We cannot let our children down. We must find ways to dream and re-imagine a better future. A future full of colours. A future where all children can live in peace and harmony with everyone on this planet. A future for all.”

Please join me in cheering on ClimateDice and recognizing amazing Climate Papas like Pendar! The early Climate Dice kickstarter  is now fully funded but an INDIEGOGO InDemand is just launching. You can pre-order your own set of Climate Dice and be among the first people to receive them in early August. For every set of dice sold, one set will be donated to schools in various remote areas around the world. Everyone, everywhere can be empowered to dream and reimagine a better future!



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