Earth Hour Energy: March 26, 2011 – Video Peek of the Week

On March 26, 2011, the world will celebrate Earth Hour, a global sustainability movement to spark inspiration for creating a better future for our planet. Hundreds of million people in 128 countries around the world turned “off the lights” last year, to raise awareness on climate change. Launched in 2007, Earth Hour hopes to inspire people with positive actions. This year the message is to go “beyond the hour” and make every hour count!

As a nuclear disaster unfolds in Japan, the issue of energy security and energy access are once again thrust into the limelight and our consciousness. Our world, as it has evolved, needs energy – nuclear, fossil fuel, renewable – to operate. Lets make Earth Hour not only a moment of celebration, but a moment of reflection on how we can better use our energy resources to ensure a safe and secure future for ourselves and our children.

Sit down with the kids in your life and watch the Earth Hour inspired, make a plan, participate on March 26th and every day after…


Climate Mama

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