iMatter March – Mothers Day 2011 and Beyond

iMatter March intro from iMatter March on Vimeo.

Grab the kids in your life, watch this short video of Alec Loorz, a fellow Climate Project Presenter and uber Climate Activist, and consider joining Alex and supporting the iMatter March.

We have put in motion a forseeable, unjust future for our children; a path that they didn’t ask to walk down, nor do they want. As they “stand up” and demand that we take notice and hear their voices, let’s stand up with them!

Join the iMatter March, this weekend and everyday, as we say NO to a future of Climate Change consequences, and say YES to a clean and renewable energy future, that lets our children have a chance to “breath!”

Climate Mama is marching in NJ, where will you be?

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