Remembering “Green” Resolutions: Achieved and Re-invented.

At the beginning of every year I think about setting “New Year Resolutions.” Sometimes I write them down. More often than not, while the New Year and new beginnings do always inspire me to think “big,” pressures of day to day life set in and then my resolutions are often “out of sight out of mind” the rest of the year. This year, to my surprise, I actually wrote down my “green” personal sustainability resolutions, and shared them with our ClimateMama community. As a reminder, and in case you missed them, my resolutions were and are:

1. Keep passions alive, stay focused on these and forge ahead.
2. Pick something hard to do, and make it happen (Franke James, our Spring 2011 Climate Mama is the inspiration for this resolution.)
3. Work to promote transparency and facts about climate change. Counter the current politics in Washington that are trying to get in the way of science and truth.
4. Introduce and work to create two new community-wide initiatives that promote environmental sustainability, in my community.
5. Hold family and friends close, make time for those who are important, stay in the moment, and treasure that time together.

Guess what, I have been working my way through my list and making these resolutions a reality! My Green Mom friends at the Green Moms Carnival, prodded by OrganicMania, are revisiting their resolutions this month and perhaps setting new ones. Thanks Lisa, for reminding me what is important to me, and for allowing me a moment to “pat myself on the back” and feel positive about some of the paths that I have chosen to walk down this year. Finding my passion with climate change education and figuring out a way to make this passion part of my daily life, with family, friends my community and my career, has been incredibly empowering. Check out OrganicMania to see what other Green Mom Carnival participants are setting as green goals, ½ way through 2011.

What about you? We would love to hear about any ideas or actions you are planning to pursue, on your own, with your family, or with your community and beyond. Share your ideas with the kids in your life, see if they have set or would like to set any resolutions for themselves, for the rest of this year!


Climate Mama

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