Clean Energy Future: Windmills and Sunshine, Flying Above Hope

I flew across the country recently, and I knew we would succeed. I could stop worrying every minute, as there below me were signs of hope. I believe that America will win the renewable energy race against time. The reason, ingenuity, reality and hard work will overcome partisanship and untruths.

On a cloudless day, I had the pleasure of a window seat, flying across the country from San Diego to New York City. The captain pointed out the Grand Canyon, on my side of the plane, lucky me! I continued to be awed by nature, right outside my window, as we fly over Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and many other unique and special landscapes. It was my own private airplane movie, better than any listing in the airplane magazine, and one I wanted to share with everyone on board! The ground changed from grey to red to purplish hews, all drawn by the hand of nature. Nothing man made…Then in the middle of a desert shining up at the airplane, I saw a solar panel installation that looked huge even from 30,000 feet in the sky. A few minutes later lining the ridge of the foothills below us, I looked down on more windmills then I could count, some turning some standing still…move over Don Quixote, these were real.

We are doing it. We are working on renewable energy, harnessing the sun and the wind. On “bad days” it seems to me we are just raping our planet, stealing the last of it’s fossil fuels – by explosion, fire and force – forever removing the remnants of dinosaurs and days gone by that should remain in the sand, the dirt, the hills and mountains for millennium. At a dinner party recently someone asked me: “What do they put back into the earth, when they take out the oil, natural gas and coal; and doesn’t the earth need those things that we are removing?” Good question. We will continue to power our homes, our cars and our factories, but it will be with the wind, and the sun and not by harnessing the ten plagues…We will do it the renewable and clean way. I do believe reason will win out.

Follow me as I join fellow concerned citizens from all walks of life, as we march in Washington in solidarity against fossil fuels and for a renewable and clean energy future. Check in withTar Sands Action, for information on the August 20-September 3 Washington peaceful protest, and check back in with ClimateMama from August 22-24th for a first hand account of my very first Washington sit-in, for my children’s future and my own.

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