Technology for Good: How Come Questions – Fill in the Blanks!

As busy parents, technology often seems a curse rather than a blessing. 24/7 connectivity, work, school, kids, sports, community events…trying to sift through, prioritize and find out what is important, often feels overwhelming.

So take a minute today, sit down with the kids in your life, and tune out all that “noise” and tune in to some ideas and questions being asked by individuals who are using technology to “do good” for the world. Listen as they ask some “how come” questions on ways we could be using Technology for Good. A great conversation starter with the teens in your life (and even with your younger ones, who may surprise you with their great insight and questions!)

Ericsson wants to hear from you too, as they look to “push the boundaries” of what a Networked Society should look like. Send your ideas to Ericsson today and be part of the solution as together we figure out how best to use technology for positive change in our world.

As we see it at ClimateMama, a Networked Society is key to moving forward as we learn how to adapt to and mitigate the consequences of human caused climate change.

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