Do you remember when…Tobacco Companies Sponsored Sports Teams…Now it’s Oil, Coal and Gas Companies

I recently went to a New York Football Giants game with my family. While watching the ads go by on the electronic billboards (yes, I also did pay attention to the game too…), I was intrigued by the various sponsors that advertised.

As I watched the BP logo go “’round and round” the stadium on the rotating electronic advertising signs and also as BP was showcased on the “Jumbo TV Screens” at each end of the stadium, I explained to my kids the connection I made between the BP signs and my childhood memories of tobacco ads at sporting events. They didn’t seem too concerned or bothered. Are you making the same connections as me, do you think I should be bothered?

DOUBT from The Climate Reality Project on Vimeo.

I wondered aloud to my children and asked them if they thought we would “see the day” when oil, coal and gas companies wouldn’t be allowed to advertise or promote sports and other events. I also mentioned the irony of the ads during the Republican Presidential hopefuls debates on TV; most of the TV commercials I saw “are brought to you” by coal companies or organizations that represent coal. Why is that?

I was pleased however to also see a local Solar company advertising at the Giants game. I am looking forward to the day that that is a “regular” and not “noteworthy” phenomenon. If you have a few minutes, share this with the kids in your life and get “their take.” Also, watch the Climate Reality Project video on the tobacco industry with your kids, it will be eye opening for all!

Thought for the day..


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