Climate Change and War Games, Real and Imagined, Come Play!


Tired of the kids in your life (young and old) playing “Call of Duty?” Let them know there is a “new game in town” and that the US Navy is calling out to them to play it! This is a real life war game, looking to recruit players who will help find ways to improve the U.S. Navy’s combat capability and energy security, particularly by “promoting energy efficiency and diversifying its energy supply (use of alternative energy) while working to reducing reliance on fossil fuels from overseas.” Does it sound like science fiction? In fact a 2010 Defense Department Report identified climate change and energy security as “prominent military vulnerabilities,” noting that climate change in particular is an “accelerant of instability and conflict.” As such, the US Navy is charging ahead to try to reduce these vulnerabilities and is now asking for our help!

At a recent meeting organized by the Environmental Defense Fund, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told the audience that “climate change has raised the need for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, hitting national security in the process.” This comes at the same time that climate deniers in our government, led by Senator Inhofe are trying to cut alternative energy programs from the military’s budget.

Grab the kids in your life and watch this short video developed by the US Navy. Find out where we “could be” 10 years from now if we don’t continue the aggressive and forward thinking ideas that the military is currently working on to reduce it’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Now suggest that your kids do the “patriotic thing” and join forces and “play the game” to try to help “crowd source” ideas and ways to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels! (be advised, this game is for those “older kids” in your life, the ones in or out of college, or on their way there shortly)…Also, this version of the “game” may only be “live” for a few days so tell them to check out MMOWGLI today!!


Climate Mama

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