Energy Access & Climate Change: Shout Out to the World


Grab the kids in your life, particularly those ‘tweens and teens, and let them know you are “in the know” on what musicians like Linkin Park are thinking about, particularly when it comes to energy access and climate change! Linkin Park and the organization they founded, Music For Relief, created a wonderful video about a young girl, Imani. Learn first hand how Imani’s life is impacted by “energy poverty,” and what this “reality” is all about. Remind your kids how lucky we are and the many things, like energy access, that we take for granted.

Share the fact: 1.3 billion people worldwide don’t have access to electricity….Imagine, no smartphone, Ipads, texting, Facebook, or PS3’s, ’cause there would be no power to make them work.

The world is meeting June 20-22nd at the Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss how we can all get the future we want, including access to clean, renewable energy. Get your kids, your family, or a community group and have your “voice” heard at Rio. Be part of the UN Foundation’s 2012 “6 minute speech” a project about global voices, digital power and innovation. And in case you missed how powerful the voice of a child can be, watch the first “6 minute speech” that riveted the world at the last Earth Summit.

Ask the kids in your life what they think are the greatest challenges the world is facing today? Build a speech with a tweet, Facebook post, picture or video and send it to Rio+Social. Be part of history and our future, make your voice and the voices of your children, heard today!

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