Green Momma Parties: Detox your Home, Empowering and Fun too!


At ClimateMama we regularly have the honor and the pleasure of meeting wonderful people and organizations that give us hope and inspiration by providing the tools that empower us in our daily battle against climate change and by helping us in our quest to create a better, healthier and safer world for our children and ourselves. One of these special organizations we would like to introduce you to is Women’s Voices for The Earth (WVE), a national organization that works to eliminate toxic chemicals that impact our health and the health of our children by changing consumer behaviors, corporate practices and government policies.

We feel strongly that by changing our own behavior to create a more sustainable world (at home and beyond) this helps us build the confidence and experience to encourage others to do the same. So in support of WVE, we want to tell you about a GREAT program they have launched called “Green Momma Parties,” a fun way to get you and your friends involved in making your home a safer and healthier place. So in the midst of the craziness that is your life, as you take on yet another “job,” arranging summer camps, family day trips, fun family vacations and juggling day care and babysitting, carpools and new schedules, what about planning a little structured summer fun for you and your friends?

The WVE Green Momma Party is a fun, do it yourself creative idea with a “mission” – helping you get educated about dangerous toxins that could be lurking in your home and then DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The Green Momma Party Guide has practical and economical solutions for each room in the house, and new DIY recipes, making it much easier to spread the word and educate families and your BFFs about the

Go Climate Mamas!

importance of safer products. The Guide comes with an evite link you can use, DIY recipes and “how-to videos.” It even has “action steps” your friends can take right at the party that make it easy for you and your friends to contact YOUR elected officials to demand safer products – that’s our kind of party! (Maybe the next “party” can be a “get together” with your BFFs at your local State House!)

Many of our Climate Mamas and Papas are watching closely as the world meets June 20-22nd in Rio de Janario, Brazil to try to figure out how to create The Future We all Want, in the midst of government bickering and inaction on climate change. Many of us are experiencing first hand or reading and hearing daily reports about extreme weather events the world over and climate change doomsday scenarios; problems and issues that feel too big to get our arms around and too far out of our control. Part of taking control back is doing something positive for yourself, your family, your community and beyond. Taking back control should also mean having the opportunity and ability to have some fun while you are at it as well! So, grab your friends and consider hosting a Green Momma Party. A Green Momma Party is all about learning, sharing ideas, and making changes – it is NOT about buying products.

Check in with MomsRising for some great tips on Green Momma Parties, from some amazing “Green Mamas!” Do you know about any other great ideas, that help us learn more about what we can do to take better care of our homes and our planet, while having some fun along the way? Share them with us!


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  1. Anne says:

    Way to go Climate Mamas! Thanks for writing about the subjects that bring important part of the big picture into better focus.

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