Climate Change: Do Something Wednesdays


Grab the kids in your life and join us for “Do Something Wednesdays.” Every Wednesday we will be giving you a few tips and ideas about what you and your family can do about Climate Change – starting TODAY! To jump start our “Do Something Wednesdays” we are thrilled to be showcasing Climate Mama Joylette Portlock’s new video series, “Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something.”

Using humor and fun to teach us the facts about Climate Change, Joylette gives us tools we can use to empower us and our families and friends to take action to address the climate crisis. Get your whole family involved! In case you missed the launch of this original, fun and informative series, we are starting at episode one and will be showcasing the Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something series every Wednesday.

This first episode offers us on-line actions we can take as well as off line at home “down and dirty” actions – you will need to watch the video to find out what this means – And if you “can’t wait” until next week for us to air Episode 2, visit the Do Something About Climate YouTube Channel today and catch the whole series now!

Thanks Joylette for all you do to bring attention, action, and hope to the challenges we face with climate change!

Looking forward to week two!


Climate Mama

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4 Responses to Climate Change: Do Something Wednesdays

  1. Thanks Harriet — this is great. I’ll be sure to repost on

    • Harriet says:

      Thanks so much…we do need to DO Something, and Joylette helps show us the is great stuff, thanks for sharing!

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