Climate Change Do Something Wednesdays: Fuel Subsidies


Grab the kids in your life and join us for “Do Something Wednesdays.” Every Wednesday we will be giving you a few tips and ideas about what you and your family can do about Climate Change, on and OFF line! We are thrilled to be showcasing Climate Mama Joylette Portlock’s new video series, “Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something.” Watch Episode 4 “Fuel Subsidies” today.

Using humor and fun to teach us the facts about Climate Change, Joylette gives us tools we can use to empower us and our families and friends to take action to address the climate crisis. Get your whole family involved! In case you missed the launch of this original, fun and informative series, we started at episode one and will be showcasing the Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something series every Wednesday.

This fourth episode tells it like it is. For example, did you know that the 5 biggest oil companies made $137 BILLION in profits in 2011 yet received over $2 billion in government subsidies? (A government subsidy consist of money and/or tax breaks; in the case of many industries these subsidies are set up to support the industry while it is “growing and vulnerable”…would that be a category that oil and gas companies fit into today?!?) At the same time that it has experienced these record profits, the oil industry has reduced the number of permanent jobs available yet continues to take government subsidies – something that the Obama administration has called for an end to, yet has been unable to wind down….

As always with this series, Joylette gives us “something to do,” at home (empty your car “trunk” as you can save from 4-8 cents per gallon for each 100 lbs you remove from your vehicle) and on line, in this case support the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ability to limit the global warming emissions coming from big power plants! And if you “can’t wait” until next week for us to air Episode 5, visit the Do Something About Climate YouTube Channel today and catch the whole series now!


Climate Mama

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