Global FRACKDOWN & Shale Gas OUTRAGE: Climate Activism This Week!


Where will you find Climate Mamas and Papas congregating this week? While, I can tell you where I plan to be and that is joining the Global Frackdown and fighting

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for clean air, clean water, my children’s health and my hopes and dreams for a clean and renewable future for my children. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting up with many other Climate Mamas and Papas this week too, both “virtually” and in-person!

Here are a few ideas of events that are happening and ways that you can join us.

1. ClimateMama Blog Updates All Week Long: Wednesday we will be joined by activist and new Mom, Rachel Dawn Davis who will share with us how she is making Climate Change activism a full time job (that is of course in addition to her full time job as new mom, entrepreneur etc….) Thursday & Friday help us share our Fracking Blog Carnival, with blog posts from Climate Mamas all over North America. It’s not too late to join in, so contact us if you have a blog on how fracking is affecting/impacting you, your family and/or your community. Saturday- Monday, live tweets and blog updates from the Social Good Summit in NYC.

2. Wednesday, September 19th: ClimateMama is joining with the NJ Sierra Club, NJ Highlands Commission, North Jersey Pipeline Walkers,

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Multistate Alliance to Promote Lasting Energy, the Deleware River Keeper Network and more, to tour elected officials along a Tennessee Gas Pipeline route for fracking gas, and it’s direct and potential impact on New Jersey.

3. Thursday, September 20th: ClimateMama Fracking Blog Carnival and;
Join us when we visit Philadelphia and stand up for healthy communities and a clean energy future at the Shale Gas Outrage!

4. Friday, September 21st: Join the Union of Concerned Scientists and Stand Up for Science in NYC for a discussion and action on the realities of Climate Change and the need for the media to report reality!

5. Saturday, September 22nd:5. Find a Global Frackdown Event near you!

6. Saturday, September 22nd: Social Good Summit NYC.

Join all of us at ClimateMama and show your support this week for a clean energy, “frack free” future, and a healthy and livable world for our children.


Climate Mama

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