Parents Helping Parents: Stop The Minisink, NY Compressor Station


Power Women & Baby! Shale Gas Outrage 9-12

We are happy to report that our coalition of climate parents – parents helping each other, getting connected, amplifying and elevating voices on a wide range of climate issues, including on: the dangers from fracking, fracking waste and gas infrastructure by-products, continues to grow and grow! If you missed our blog carnival on fracking, please go back and share it with the kids in your life NOW.

Our coalition of parents need your help!
Calling all Climate Mamas and Papas in the NJ/NY and PA areas that can get to Minisink, NY in Orange County, on Saturday, October 6th to COME ON DOWN and lend your voices and support. Bring your kids, and join with parents in this community who are trying to raise attention to a by-product of the “natural gas infrastructure machine” that many of us probably never focus on, but that is a hidden source of air pollution and danger to us and our children.

Our friends at M.U.S.T (Mothers United for Sustainable Technologies) alerted us to the plight of these parents, 9/11 victims families, first responders and organic farmers, who are trying to sound the alarm and protect their community from this gas compressor station. Take a few minutes and watch the M.U.S.T video that was made earlier this year: “Throwing Stones at Goliath” that chronicles this brave fight and journey.

The next rally in support of Minisink residents and 9/11 first responders will be on Saturday, October 6 at 2pm at 90 Jacobs Rd, Minisink, NY. You can RSVP on the event facebook page. Thomas Salamone, Minisink Valley school board member and father of two, asks everyone to bring drums, spoons, and pots. For more information, follow the “Stop the Minisink Compressor Station” page on Facebook. Let us know if you can make it on Saturday, and regardless, please help spread the news about these brave parents, fighting for their children’s future.

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