Drowning on the Front Line of Climate Change, Kiribati and The Hungry Tide


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Grab the kids in your life and become part of the WARRIOR DAY OF ACTION, on Saturday, March 2nd. Pacific Islanders across 15 Pacific Island nations and territories will come together in mass numbers on their islands, their countries, their homes – mobilizing at prominent locations to perform unique war challenges, songs, and dances. They will carry a single message that will make their voices heard on climate change. Let’s help them have their voices heard. Sign on to their message today.

In support of the Warrior Day of Action, and between now and March 3rd, our friends at Specialty Studios are opening up a free on-line screening of The Hungry Tide. This is a story of the people of Kiribati, and how their way of life and their country is literally being drowned out by climate change.

Make time with your family to watch and listen, as Maria, a daughter of Kiribati, allows us to look into her life and to be a witness to her fight to save her country. Sadly, many small island nations are being put in jeopardy and risk by our thoughtless actions, and many will not be saved. These small island nations are often on the front lines of climate change, living with the dangers that climate change imposes, daily. Watch The Hungry Tide now or make sure to find time to watch it with the kids in your life between now and March 3rd. We loved the film!

Specialty Studios has a broad collection of films that touch our hearts, engage our minds, and inspire us to action. They recently shared White Water Black Gold with us. Another quality film that tugs at your heart and helps us connect the dots between our actions and climate change. Both films challenge us to dig deep and find a way to become personally involved with the climate movement. They both show us how communities around the world are being impacted by climate change…through no fault of their own.

For many of us in the United States – 2012 – a year with record droughts, wildfires and super storms, was a wake up call. We have heard, witnessed and experienced climate change first hand and are beginning to share and swap stories and life changes, connecting the dots to what is happening to us and our communities and the larger picture of a changing climate and most importantly – our role in causing this change.

As climate change dramatically takes hold before our eyes, our natural world and our country’s and the world’s top scientists are calling out We seem to live in a parallel world, were politicians and the media are giving us license to “duck” the realities that we are facing and the consequences that will confront us and our families and ourselves if we do nothing. While we may want to continue to keep our heads in the sand, reality is staring us in the face. The important thing we need to grab on to is that IF we can begin to move forward now and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by investing in a renewable energy economy – our economy and our world, will both have a real chance to heal; filling our future with hope, opportunity and options. Doing nothing, ignoring the issues, can not be an option.

On February 17th, close to 50,000 people were on the National Mall demanding action, calling on our leaders to move Forward on Climate. Our movement is building and growing. Next time 500,000 or more will be there.

Climate change is here and now. There are already casualties and climate refugees. Watch and listen as Maria shares her story with us. We need to get loud and we need to demand action. Our future, and that of our larger community is at stake. Magical places like Kiribati, Vanuatu and the Jersey Shore are already feeling the brunt of our inaction and may well be already doomed as casualties and real world examples of human caused climate change sacrifice zones.


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