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So many of our Climate Mamas and Papas tell us that their eco-conscientiousness has been raised by the actions, words and advice of their children. It’s no different here at ClimateMama!

Join us in cheering on the “CO2 Crew” from Eisenhower Middle School in Bergen County, New Jersey as they continue on their quest to win the final round of the Lexus Eco Challenge! Grab the kids in your life and sign the “Crew’s” pledge, Small Steps to a Carbon Neutral Future, today.

Through videos, stories, great resources, puzzles and games, these middle school kids show us easy steps that we can each take to reduce our carbon footprint, lower our greenhouse gas emissions and help our own families (and our community) be more mindful and tread a little lighter on our earth.

At ClimateMama we believe that these easy “first steps” help us accept our own personal responsibility to be good stewards of the earth. As well, they lead us to demand action on a larger scale by our government – at all levels – as well as by industry and by the international community.

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The crisis we face from our human caused climate change is real and often scary. But knowing that there are actions we can take and small steps we can follow, make facing the climate crisis head on a little less scary and also help each of us see that WE each can be a part of the solution.

Thanks CO2 Crew for leading the way!

P.S. Full disclosure: Yes, I am the proud Climate Mama of one of the CO2 Crew members. Although I have to tell you that I have NOT been asked for input, ideas or to offer any comments by any of the Crew members (even my daughter) along the way. Thanks to Lori, my daughter’s amazing and wonderful teacher for sharing the CO2 Crew’s website with me, so I could share it with you. If I had waited for my daughter to share it, it is likely that neither I nor maybe even you, would ever have seen this wonderful website!


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