Don’t FRACK My Mother: Music Video


Grab the kids in your life and have some fun, sing-a-long while you and your kids learn some facts about FRACKING.

Artists against Fracking have pulled together some wonderful musicians including:

•Alexa Chung
•Ben Lee
•Carrie Fisher
•Daniel Pinchbeck
•Devendra Banhart
•Fred Armisen
•Ione Skye
•Joseph Gordon-Levitt
•Josh Fox
•Liv Tyler
•Lindsey Wixson
•Maggie Gyllenhaal
•Mark Ronson
•Melissa Auf Der Maur
•Michael Skolnik
•Natasha Lyonne
•Penn Badgley
•Reggie Watts
•Sean Lennon
•Susan Sarandon
•Yoko Ono
•Zoë Kravitz

All these artists have one unifying message: “Don’t Frack MY Mother …or Yours!” Whether you live in New York State, Virginia, Ohio, Wyoming, Texas, Pennsylvania or Colorado (or anywhere else in the USA or abroad where fracking is or could take place) remember..we don’t have all the facts. Some of the facts we do know: Fracking is already harming communities where it is currently taking place, poisoning water, air and people! There is NO safe way to treat fracking waste. National, State and local regulations on fracking are lax, incomplete and commonly not enforced. These facts, beside the climate impacts of methane (natural gas) which is a fossil fuel, are not clearly understood nor properly measured.

Don’t believe the hype or the ad agency and industry commercials. The only “rush to frack” is being created by oil, gas and pipeline companies who want to increase $$$ their own bottom line. We have a glut of natural gas on the market. We need a “full stop” and proper studies to understand the complete health, environmental and economic costs of fracking before any more harm is done to us or to our MOTHER. Learn more. Stay tuned, tune in and sing-a-long..“Don’t frack my mother….”


Climate Mama

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