Keystone XL: All Risk, NO Reward, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD


Credit: Creative Commons/Flickr Tar Sands Action

At ClimateMama we have taken a strong professional and personal interest and position on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. For so many reasons we are fighting to have it stopped. To us it is both a symbol of our addiction to fossil fuels and a practical and “deadly” path to what we see as “mutually assured destruction.” Halting the construction of this pipeline is critical to move us towards a sustainable future. Having visited the Tar Sands, we know that the we can trap this oil in northern Alberta, and there is no clear path to “China” or beyond if we say no now. We hope and trust President Obama will stand strong and fight climate change as he has said he will and therefore rejecting this pipeline will send a strong message to all. Regardless of what way our President bends on this, our resolve and that of millions of Americans remains and will be to fight for a clean renewable future for our children, one which takes us on a path to new jobs, a new productive and growing economy and a clean and strong future.

Grab the kids in your life and check out some of these new ads that our friends and colleagues from The League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, The League of Women Voters, Indigenous Environmental Network, Bold Nebraska, Keystone XL Truthforce, STOP Tarsands, Sandhills Beef, Nebraska Farmers Union, Nebraska Interfaith Power and Light, League of Women Voters Nebraska, and Dakota Rural Action have put together as part of the All Risk and No Rewards campaign. These national and regional groups have joined forces to create these powerful ads to fight back against the huge sums of money that the big oil and gas companies have been spending to try to tell us “not to worry” while they work to build up an infrastructure that would keep us tied to fossil fuels and a build up of greenhouse gases, for the foreseeable future.

Make your voice heard. The State Department is accepting comments on the proposed pipeline through Earth Day, April 22nd. Visit the site to leave comments, or send your comments directly to the state department via this e-mail address:

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