Earth Day Challenge: Eating with the Environment in Mind


We know that our Climate Mamas and Papas celebrate and nurture our earth EVERY day. But on April 22nd, the rest of the world joins in. Take a few minutes today to really observe nature around you: look, touch and smell the flowers or trees that are growing on your city block; listen to the birds, squirrels, bees, deer and other animals that may pass by your life each day but that normally you only see out of the corner of your eye; let yourself “be” on the beach, in the park or in your own backyard for a few minutes today. Instead of rushing through or by these places, stop and take in the wonders of nature and remind the kids in your life to take a few moment to savor nature too!

Eating with the Environment in Mind

This week we are excited to launch our first Earth Day Challenge, a full week of “daily” challenges, that gets us thinking about what we eat, where it comes from and why we need to be mindful about many of the things we in the developed world often take for granted. Check in with ClimateMama each morning to see what the next day’s challenge will be. Have a quick family meeting at breakfast or dinner to discuss the daily challenge and see what the kids in your life have to say about it. Let us know what they have to say!

Meatless Monday

Going without is something none of us ever wants to do, but don’t knock this one until you’ve tried it. Since the days of hunters and gatherers, we have made a sport out of getting and eating meat. With industrialization, we began to consume more and more meat because it was so accessible. This brief history is why it has become costly to our health and our earth.

Here are some facts for you to consider on this one day where you meat won’t be on your plate:

1. 18% of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming come from animals raised for food.
2. 2500 gallons of water goes into producing a pound of beef; water, which could be used for drinking, bathing, and cooking.
3. Fossil fuels are in fact used to produce meat. 1 hamburger is the fossil fuel equivalent of driving a small car 20 miles
4. About 260 million acres of American forests have been cleared and replaced with factory farms to raise animals.

Take Care of Yourself Tuesday
We live in a stressful world with many demands, which is not healthy for anyone. Today do something to sustain yourself (a better you also contributes to a better environment!) Take a walk outside and notice: do you live in an industrialized area? Do you see many trees, plants, flowers, and/or animals? Are there many cars on the road or bikers on the sidewalk? Do you even have a sidewalk or is the road only suitable for cars? Try yoga and meditating – you never know what you might find within yourself when you put away your electronics and look inwardly. Have you tasted green tea? Boil some water, invite a friend over, and try it! It reduces stress and depression, regulates glucose levels, and increases the metabolism. It is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent. Put a little effort into treating yourself today and maybe, make it a habit!

Check back tomorrow for Wednesday’s Challenge and for some of our thoughts about why and how Monday and Tuesday’s challenges can help us fight climate change!

Eating with the Environment in Mind was developed by one of our wonderful interns Michelle Aboodi.

A current student at New York University, Michelle is known by friends and family as the eager environmentalist and a mover and shaker. Michelle led her high school environmental club were she designed and implemented a wide range of projects to make her school more sustainable. Michelle’s role models include Bill McKibben, Martin Luther King Jr., and Erin Brockovich. When she is not working to preserve and help the environment, she enjoys writing, reading, yoga, dance, hiking, and cooking. We are excited to share Michelle’s perspective, ideas and youthful passion for making the world a better place with our Climate Mamas and Papas. We hope that you will share Michelle’s ideas and perspectives with the kids in your life too!

Cow photo credit: Eduardo Amorim via photopin cc

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  1. greenmomster.orgThanks for an informative post! Sounds like you’ve got a very creative intern! If folks need meatless recipes to meet today’s challenge, be sure to visit every Friday for meatless recipes that are easy and quick.

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