Climate Superheroes: Your Office


Hello Climate Mamas and Papas!

Continuing on with our Climate Superhero series, It’s time, once again, for you and your families to don your superhero capes and fly your green flag high in the sky.

Stay tune over the next few days for: Tips for Your Backyard/Garden and Tips for Your Bedroom (and if you missed Tips for your Kitchen, check them out now!)

The goal of the Environmental Hero Series is to give you 3 easy and helpful tips and tools so you can be your own superhero at home, at work, or in your garden. We can all help the earth simply, by taking small steps that can make a big difference.

Tips for your Office

1. Cut down on paper usage. Instead of using paper copies, encourage employees to send documents via e-mail and create presentations. For printers, change their settings to double-sided. Be sure to recycle or make a scrap paper box to reuse paper. In office kitchens and bathrooms, use cloth towels or air dryers. If you’re going to use paper, use 100% recycled paper.

2. Forget about bottled water. Keep a water cooler or filtered water in a pitcher and use washable and reusable mugs to reduce waste.

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3. Manage your thermostat! In the fall and winter set the temperature in the office to 68 degrees. In the spring and summer set it to 74 degrees. This change will save energy and money!

Our Climate SuperHero Series was developed and written by Michelle Aboodi.

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