Climate SuperHero Series: Your Backyard


Hello Climate Mamas and Papas!

Continuing on with our Climate Superhero series, It’s time, once again, for you and your families to don your superhero capes and fly your green flag high in the sky.

Did you put your Tips for your Kitchen, and Tips for your Office into action yet? If you did, send us your pictures or your comments, if you didn’t, why not!? Stay tune for Tips for your Bedroom next week..Send us your tips, we’d love to share them!

It’s the weekend and time for a little gardening. Whether you have a small patio garden, window boxes or a large backyard, these tips are easy ones to put into action and adapt to fit your situations. Grab the kids in your life and have a look around your yard and see what you could or would do differently with these tips in mind, or if you already are “climate yard wise” and didn’t realize it!

Tips for Your Backyard/Garden

1. No one likes an invasive species. Instead of planting trees, shrubs or flowers from Japan or England. Pick a plant that is native to your area. Species that are non-native or invasive have the tendency to survive in varied conditions, to spread quickly, and to take space and nutrients from other plants. If you live along the path of the “monarch butterfly” consider planting milkweed to help them make their journey, or talk to your local garden shop and find out what will attract lovely butterflies and birds. Show your kids how you can help nature flourish by keeping a healthy and balanced ecosystem in your backyard.

2. Use materials that are durable and recyclable. You can easily plant hydrangeas or other plants in yogurt containers or take out boxes. You would be surprised at the multiple uses for packaging materials!

3. Water properly. Water earlier in the day so you avoid wind and evaporation. Mulch and compost also help retain water and decrease evaporation. Water directly on the roots too so they can grow.

Check back tomorrow for more tips!

Our Climate Hero series has been developed and written by Michelle Aboodi

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