Climate Hero Series: You & Your Community


Hello Climate Mamas and Papas!

Continuing on with our Climate Superhero series it’s time, once again for you and your families to don your superhero capes, check out some great ideas from some of our Climate Mamas and Papas who are flying their green flag high in the sky, and learn about ideas that you can put into action in your own home, town and community!

Did you put your Tips for your Kitchen, and Tips for your Office, or Tips for your Backyard into action yet? If you did, send us your pictures or your comments, if you didn’t, why not!? Send us your ideas, we’d love to share them!

Right now, we want you to share some wonderful programs that were sent to us by one of our favorite Climate Mamas and personal heroes, our friend, Beth from Mamaroneck, New York. Beth works tirelessly on climate change and environmental actions as an activist in her town, state and nationally as well. Beth helps others understand more about climate change, consumption, energy use and fracking, and why we need to involved and what we can do about these local and global concerns. FYI, keep your eyes posted for a wonderful and informative article that came out this summer by Beth in the NY State Bar Association Government Law and Policy Journal, The Road to Energy Conservation: Climate Smart Steps Which Begin at Home.

A few highlights include:The Basics on greenhouse gases, what they are and why we need to reduce them; Consumption and Waste defined; The Role of Guilt; The Role of Happiness; Methods Towards Change; and Community Action and Social Innovation. Beth “leads by example.” With the support of her community, Beth has developed some wonderful programs that can easily be recreated in YOUR community. Take a few moments and watch this short video about a Community-wide Yard Sale and Silent Auction that Beth’s New York town organized. Climate Mama even made an appearance to share information about climate change and what we all can do about it!

Used with permission: Elizabeth Raddow

Also check out this cool program, “A Twist on Trash-Trashion Show” that Beth put together with students from her local middle school and high school who make and then showcase outfits from recycled material. It is a fun idea and something that your local middle school and high school students might be interested in re-creating! Everybody learns something, the community gets involved and a lot of fun is had by all…Beth helps us see how fighting climate change can be fun and positive too!


Climate Mama

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