Climate Change and Music


Graphs, charts and statistics sometimes make understanding the reality of climate change difficult for some of us. Grab the kids in your life and check out this wonderful musical portrayal of the latest climate data. Climate deniers like to choose a point in the climate record and tell us that climate change isn’t real and that global temperatures have stopped moving upwards.

We know, in fact, that climate change is real and global temperatures are rising. Similar to when you take your dog for a walk, he sniffs, moves forwards and backwards but if you chart his course, he is moving on a forward path as you make your way around the block. Anthropogenic (human caused) climate change is causing temperatures to creep upwards at a pace and rate unseen in the earth’s temperature records. This musical composition by University of Minnesota undergrad Daniel Crawford allows us to “hear” these temperature increases and for some of us, to more easily grasp the urgency created by the changes that we humans are forcing on our planet.

A Song of Our Warming Planet from Ensia on Vimeo.



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