LNG Facility In NYC/NJ Harbor? STOP the Port Ambrose Project Today!


Grab the kids in your life and whether you are sitting around the campfire or the dinner table, share with them this real life “horror story” that is unfolding in the northeastern United States. This is a story that even our children won’t believe us when we tell them it’s true! Less then a year after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on New Jersey and New York shores, Liberty Natural Gas, a faceless company owned and registered to a numbered bank account in the Cayman Islands, is proposing to build, less then 20 miles off the coast of New Jersey and New York, a liquified natural gas facility.

What does this mean and why should we be very concerned??

According to a July 30th, 2013 article in the New York Times: “Port Ambrose would consist of two submerged buoys that would stand about 30 feet off the seabed, with a radius of about 40 feet. An arriving shuttle vessel with its cold cargo of natural gas would connect to a buoy during the winter months. Over several days, the vessel would regasify its shipment onboard, and deliver natural gas through the buoy, a new pipeline and an existing pipeline.”

This project is almost exactly the same one previously vetoed by Governor Christie in 2011 when he said it was “TOO RISKY” for his state’s tourism and fishing industries and NOT what New Jersey needed! The facility poses security, environmental, health, economic and financial risks to our country.

This would be called a “bluff” in poker, as it is being build under the guise of an IMPORT facility. This fact seems incredulous and contradictory given that the oil and gas industry has been telling us in countless ways through commercials on TV, media reports and sound bites that we are in fact the “Saudia Arabia” of Natural Gas, and that fracking and natural gas exploration are our roads to energy independence! If an import permit is acquired, then it becomes a relatively simple process to convert the import permit to an export one, which then will serve to hasten the expansion of fracking and natural gas expansion in our country.

In addition, our friends at Clean Ocean Action tell us that the proposed location for the LNG port would directly interfere with the proposed New York State offshore wind lease area identified by the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

This proposal and previous LNG ports proposed in the NY/NJ area are and have been met with vehement opposition from community and civic organizations, commercial and recreational fishing interests, faith based organizations, conservation and environmental groups, and thousands of concerned members of the public, including in the recent past, New Jersey’s Governor. For this latest application, the coalition of interests aligned against Liberty LNG has grown (and includes ClimateMama!) During the July 2013 public hearings, hundreds of concerned citizens including many Climate Mamas and Papas, filled hearing rooms in Long Beach, New York, and Edison, New Jersey, and the beach in Sea Bright, New Jersey to voice their continued opposition to offshore industrialization.

You don’t need to be from New York or New Jersey to have your voice heard on this project! For letters “ready to go” and waiting for your signature, check out Catskill Citizens.

Join thousands of citizens from around the country in opposing Liberty LNG’s plans to put a hazardous industrial facility just off our nation’s beautiful beaches, please go on the record in opposition of “Port Ambrose” by submitting official “comments” to the federal agency in charge of licensing these ports. Comments and statements in support of clean ocean uses like fishing and tourism, and in opposition to this specific threat to our region’s economy, security, and environment, will be considered until August 22nd. Public comments can be submitted online here. For sample letter templates, please check out examples from our friends at Clean Ocean Action.

This and other LNG ports go against all our hopes and dreams for a clean renewable future for our children and ourselves. By building facilities like this, we are then encouraging and facilitating the build up of a fossil fuel infrastructure which includes pipelines, wells, compressor stations, gathering lines and more, that will be with us for generations to come. Instead of perpetuating the past, we should be jump starting a clean energy revolution and future powered by the wind, sun and waves. Staying addicted to an energy source and fossil fuel like natural gas, which we KNOW is changing our planet in countless negative ways and threatening our very existence, is simply a BAD idea. Just ask your kids!

We thank you and we know your children will thank you too…


Climate Mama

LNG tanker photo credit: Yukon White Light via photopin cc

Card photo credit: Mohammed Alnaser via photopin cc
Wind Farm photo credit: Stew Dean via photopin cc

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