Climate Change: President Obama’s Plan “Don’t Just Sit There Style!”


As our kids adjust to being back in school and we can once again focus in more clearly on work, family and our passions (who are we kidding here…!) We wanted to share one of the latest episodes in the “Don’t Just Sit There Do Something Series” by one of our favorite Climate Mamas, Joylette Portlock.

Grab the kids in your life and watch this fun, informative video, Climate & Conflict which updates us on President Obama’s Climate Action Plan and why we all need to be involved in finding solutions to our climate crisis. Joylette also helps us understand how “doing nothing” is already leading to conflicts around the world.

We love the videos that Don’t Just Sit There has produced, and that each video presents a new “slice to the climate conversation” in a unique way, filled with factual information and specific actions we each can take as individuals, as a family and as a community!


Climate Mama

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