Our Children Are Watching: Say NO to Keystone XL, Join an Action Near YOU

lanixl3Where will you be on February 3, 2014 when people all over the USA come together to remind President Obama to say NO to the Keystone XL? We will be in Union Square, NYC at 6pm.

Join us in NYC or find an action near you. Bring your children, show them you care. Speakers in NYC will include 350’s Bill McKibben and Executive Director May Boeve!

Your neighbors may say: “this is just one pipeline.” True, but THIS PIPELINE has become the symbol of many pipelines and pipeline fights around the world. As well, the cumulative impacts of allowing THIS pipeline to be build, for our planet, are serious and significant.

Show your children that you are ready to “stand up and be counted!” It’s up to us. We want a new vision for the future, one that doesn’t involve pipelines filed with oil or gas. We want a future that has renewable energy written all over it!


Climate Mama

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