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shutterstock_31966126What are you doing for Earth Day? We hope, wherever you are, you are able to get outside with the kids in your life, and spend time with and in nature. With our fast paced lives, we often forget to take time to “smell the roses” and appreciate all that our planet has to offer. Earth Day is an important day to remind ourselves and our children, why as Climate Mamas and Papas, we work so hard to protect and nurture our planet, for our now and for our future.

On Earth Day 2014, we will be spending part of our day celebrating at Union Square in New York City. We are joining Earth Day New York and are thrilled to have the opportunity to represent Rainforest Action Network’s (RAN) Palm Oil Action Team. We’ll have a lot to say tomorrow at Earth Day New York, and check in with RAN and back here often for more information on RAN’s Conflict Palm Oil and Snack Food 20 Campaigns, including the May 20th Global Day of Action.

As we have shared before, it’s important for our climate, our children and our planet, that we “connect the dots” on climate change and our actions. We must use all the powers we have, including our purchasing power, to remind those who are in positions of power that we are watching what they do, and that climate change solutions are at the top of our list!

As we approach Earth Day take a few minutes and watch this special video from our friends at RAN. There is so much at stake, but the answers can often be found “In Your Palm!”

And if you are in New York City on Earth Day, and happen to be in Union Square, come on over and say hi!


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