Earth Day is Every Day: Local Solutions to Global Problems, From Seattle To You

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

Whether you live in Beijing, China or Bangor, Maine, our changing climate is something we are all witnessing first hand. From longer allergy seasons, to warmer evenings all year round, earlier spring flowers, and more extreme weather events in every season, we are all feeling and seeing climate change in our own neighborhoods, towns and backyards – wherever we live.

As well, recent international and national reports clearly provide the scientific data that outlines how and why we are all living climate change, now. These problems that scientists tell us we are facing seen so HUGE, that finding ways to tackling them can often feel paralyzing.

King County, Washington

King County, Washington

At ClimateMama, we are constantly and regularly filled with hope as we meet and hear from people around the world who are taking actions – both small steps and giant leaps – that are healing our planet and creating a livable and sustainable world for us all. It’s “Do Something Wednesday,” so grab the kids in your life, watch this short video, and be inspired! Then come up with your own family plan about what YOU can do for our environment, for our planet and for us.

We are thrilled to share a short blog post and video from Tom Watson, with you. You will find ideas, actions and thoughts that we all can use that will empower us and remind us, we all can be part of the solution. We just need to take the first step….!

What do you do for the environment, and why do you care? Guest post by Tom Watson

The King County (WA) EcoConsumer public outreach program asked those questions to 15 Seattle-area folks well-known in their fields, from award-winning chefs to TV personalities to musicians. They were asked to make their own short video clips, using a small refurbished music/video player the program loaned them.
From the footage the participants sent back, the Seattle enviro PR firm Colehour + Cohen made two fun short videos for the program. In addition to the video above you can find the second video at You can learn more about the participants here!

Tom Watson: Tom manages the EcoConsumer public education program for King County Solid Waste Division in Washington State. Tom writes a column for The Seattle Times and appears on local TV including regular EcoConsumer segments for KOMO4 TV news. He is also a frequent radio guest, including weekly appearances on KOMO Newsradio (AM 1000 and FM 97.7).

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