Green Divas, Diesel Trucks & Coal and Other Stupid Human Tricks

GDLogo_BlogTMIf you follow us on Social Media, you will often see us sharing quotes and stories from two of our favorite Green Divas, Meg and Lynn. Every week they bring to us light hearted but serious and hard hitting facts via radio broadcast and blog, with the goal of “inspire sustainable living from a guilt-free, low-stress perspective—making green information accessible to a broad audience using credible resources, humor and technology.”

At ClimateMama we LOVE the Green Divas and even have had the pleasure of being on the show and blogging for them..stay tuned for an upcoming program…

From time to time, we will bring you updates and reposts from “Green Diva Land”..and share with you things you might want to share with the kids in your life. We want to share with you a post first up on Green Divas on July 9th about “Diesel Rolling.” We put this in the Stupid Human Tricks category, and while at first it may make your kids laugh, when you take a moment and think about’s not only really stupid but really sad….:( Climate Denial on a whole other level….

Guest Post By Green Diva Lynn:

I learned about coal rollin’ the hard way.
By seeing it.

Thankfully, I didn’t witness coal rollin’ in person.

Nonetheless, I am experiencing PTSD because of it. Thanks, Green Diva Meg, for bringing it to my attention. Yeah. Thanks a lot. Life was better when I didn’t know about coal rollin’ and those who participate in it.

WTF is coal rollin’? It’s not a term for rolling a new kind of extra noxious coal laced cigarette. Or something dogs do when they come across a pile of coal. Nope.

As quickly as I’d like to un-learn the facts about coal rollin’, I couldn’t avoid bringing the topic up in the latest Green Divas myEARTH360 Report. Listen and then continue on to learn more about it and other stuff that’s going on in environmental news (encouraging news included).

Just a quick “slice” of the quirky things that Green Diva’s bring our way..tune in directly, and stay tuned here, as we regularly share more great reporting by the Green Divas..



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2 Responses to Green Divas, Diesel Trucks & Coal and Other Stupid Human Tricks

  1. Dean Price says:

    The only alternative to diesel is Biodiesel. And it’s 87% better for the children to breath on the school buses, too!

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