Help Our Children Save the Arctic: Lego Say no to Shell

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 6.38.51 AMAt ClimateMama, we are pleased to be supporters of Greenpeace and its campaign to have LEGO break their co-promotion with Shell.

We have shared numerous wonderful videos that promote Greenpeace’s campaign to convince Lego that it is making a real and powerful mistake. Oil exploration and development in our Arctic is not something any of us should be proud of let alone should we support companies that are “whitewashing” policies and developing projects that harm the Arctic, destroy our environment and accelerate climate change.

We find it especially egregious that companies we have supported and trusted, would turn around and try to market products that by their very nature and intent, will hurt our children’s future and their now. The Arctic must be protect and taken care of, not exploited, used and abused…

Greenpeace has made a new short video that is a celebration of how children imagine the Arctic as a wonderful icy playground filled with exciting animals. Grab the kids in your life, join us, and watch it here, now:

LEGO prides itself on having parents’ trust and its continued promise of leaving a better world for children – we believe that this video demonstrates that LEGO is letting down kids with this deal. We hope you’ll agree! If you do, please share this with your friends, colleagues, family and neighbors, so that more children and their parents will join the campaign and put pressure on LEGO to break their co-promotion with Shell.

To help get your kids involved, Greenpeace has launched a creative and fun competition to support this campaign. The competition runs throughout the month of August. This building competition encourages children (big and small!) to use their imaginations to save the Arctic. So, if you are looking for projects for your children to do on rainy days this summer, or on any day actually, check out the contest and encourage all your “master lego builders” to enter. All they need is their imagination; what would they build to save the Arctic? Create it with Lego, take a photo and share it today..

The LEGO creation with the most votes wins…


Climate Mama

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