Fracking Bans & A Fun Video Explaining Methane Leaks

Just in time for the first ever TEXAS ban on fracking comes this fun and informative video by one of our favorite Climate Mamas Joylette Portlock. Joylette and Communitopia help us see and understand that methane, aka “natural gas” is indeed a fossil fuel, and that fracked gas is not a panacea, a bridge to the future nor a climate solution, but rather a contributor to human created greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and an accelerator of climate change.

Grab the kids in your life, join Joylette, and see what YOU can do to slow down our changing climate and help stop methane leaks as together we make the “leap” towards renewable energy!

logoIn case you missed it, on November 4th, 2014 Denton, Texas became the first town in the Great state of Texas to ban fracking. Here is what Denton Climate Mama, Cathy McMullen had to say after the votes were tallied:

“This is a victory for the citizens of the city of Denton.

For our families, for our health, for our homes, and for our future.

What does this fracking ban mean?

It means we don’t have to worry about what our kids are breathing at city playgrounds.

It means we can cheer on the Mean Green without fracking pollution blowing over the football field.

And it means we don’t have to worry about our property value taking a nose dive because frackers set up shop 200 feet away.”

For our children, their future and their now….we fight on and together we win! Thank you Denton for leading the way.


Climate Mama

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