Light For Lima: The Moral Call for Climate Action

cop20_logo_text_173“The latest science urges us to act decisively and speedily to avert the worst impacts of climate change. It is a window of opportunity we cannot afford to ignore.”

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

In support of the ongoing international negotiations on climate change, world faith communities are uniting to urge governments to take meaningful action on climate change. Through the online platform Our Voices, communities are amplifying their messages of climate hope and at the same time demanding climate action. Grab the kids in your life, and together sign the Our Voices pledge and add your voice to the millions of others who are joining together to share their love and concern for all our children, for vulnerable people everywhere and for our precious planet.

The United Nations road to action on climate change ends, and then begins anew at a meeting in Paris, France in December 2015, where governments must commit to meaningful and binding targets on greenhouse gas reductions and design a way forward to quickly transition to a renewable and sustainable future and now.

An important and upcoming stop on this road to Paris is a United Nations meeting which will be held in Lima, Peru at the Conference of the Parties, COP 20, on December 1-12, 2014.

light-for-lima#LightForLIMA is a global, multi-faith prayer vigil taking place on line and in person in communities around the world, on Sunday evening, December 7th. People from diverse faith and spiritual communities will gather for public vigils – lit by solar lamps. In fact if you purchase a solar lamp for a vigil through Our Voices, two solar lamps will be given to a community in need in Africa. Here is a link to get your solar lamp and additional resources for organizing a vigil – prayers, media packs and more. When world leaders come together in Lima, they will know that communities around the world are holding them in their thoughts, meditations and prayers. The message from Our Voices: Prayers will bring hope. Lights will guide the way!

logoOne of the founding organizations behind Our Voices and Light for Lima is GreenFaith, an interfaith organization which works to mobilize people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership. At ClimateMama we love the great work that GreenFaith accomplishes and we are pleased to promote the Our Voices and #LightforLima campaigns. Grab the kids in your life, and join us by participating and sharing information about these special programs.

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  1. Sue Carson says:

    Interested in having a vigil in Dec. in Hamilton, Ontario. How do we purchase lamps and how long would they take to arrive? thanks Sue

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