Wildfires, Climate Change, Keystone and More: Do Something!

super-hero-232x300Putting it all together like no one else can, Communitopia President and Climate Mama extraordinaire Joylette Portlock knocks it out of the park again with her most recent video in her “Don’t Just Sit There do Something” Series: Flame On.

Take 5 minutes, grab the kids in your life, and learn something about the connections between our extreme cold, pine beetles, Keystone XL and fires in Colorado…(yes, Joylette helps us connect even these seemingly random dots…)

And as always, Joylette empowers us all by giving us suggestions and opportunities do do something about climate change, now. It’s “Do Something Wednesdays…” so join us and do something today!

Thanks Joylette.


Climate Mama

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