The Climate Store: Helping Us Lower our Personal Carbon Footprint

PressRelease-jumpingAt Climate Mama, we always and only share companies and products with you that WE personally support and that we know are “walking the walk” not just “talking the talk.” Join us and watch our friend and colleague, Steve Bushnell founder of the Climate Store, explain more about his company and why he’s so passionate about acting on climate change. Learn more about how the Climate Store can help us make personal changes that will reduce our own climate footprint and help us lead by example.

Steve echo’s a comment we hear from our Climate Mamas and Papas all the time: “Climate change is real. The debate is over and it’s time to act. The problem is that it is not clear what to do and what will make an impact.”

The Climate Store helps us make our own personal choices simpler, as they take the guessing out of our purchases by doing the hard work for us; vetting products and brands. According to Steve: “Our vision is to build a national sustainable brand that has all the information and products you need to reduce your carbon footprint – all in one place. No more cluttered, overwhelming aisles of light bulbs at Home Depot. We’re simplifying the shopping experience for everyone that wants to #kickcarbon! We’re all busy people. Shopping with the climate in mind needs to be fun and easy. We also have great resources for learning about climate change, how to get involved, and ideas for sustainable living that don’t cost a thing.”

It’s do something Wednesday here at ClimateMama. So check out the Climate Store. You can also help support the company directly as it grows new product lines and expands it’s outreach and impacts. The Climate Store’s kickstarter campaign is live for only a few more days… Join us and help the Climate Store reach it’s funding goal.

climatestorelogoWhile it is critical and important that we each lead by example we must demand and expect the same from all our leaders: corporate, houses of worship, and elected office. This year in particular, with all nations (including our own) currently formulating and finalizing their own country climate action plans for reducing country greenhouse gas emissions, insuring that government representatives at all levels recognize that importance of acting on climate, is critical. We will continue to bring you updates here on our Climate Mama blog, on the Road to Paris, and the UN Climate Meeting (UNFCC COP21) which will take place in Paris, France later this year. We all, must dig deep and make serious commitments that help us at every level reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and slow down climate change.


Climate Mama

ClimateMama is please to be an Ambassador for the Climate Store.

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