Climate Change: Empowering our Kids

mr.eco1Today we are sending a big shout out to our friend and fellow Eco Warrior, Mr. Eco.

Brett Edwards, aka “Mr. Eco” performs environmental rap sounds around the world and believes strongly that monumental changes begin with the youngest members of society. Brett is in the midst of a kickstarter fundraising campaign to finish of his latest album which is a collaboration with children from 7 countries around the world. All of the money collected will be used to:

1) cover production costs of the 13 song album, and
2) allow Mr. Eco to create music videos for songs that will inspire EcoHeroes around the world!

At ClimateMama we are support Mr. Eco and his work 100! With a little guidance and help, we can empower our children to create amazing and powerful positive change in the world, even from a very young age. Perhaps, in this time of great transition, our children will in fact help us see through to the truth and lead the way.

Mr. Eco has combined his passions for sustainability, wildlife conservation and hip-hop to create an environmental rap superhero that uses music to empower children to become activists and EcoHeroes. Mr. Eco uses his blend of “edutainment” to teach our youth that their local actions impact ecosystems and wildlife globally.

We can all learn a few things from Mr. Eco….

The power and empowerment of children is wonderfully exemplified in a March 2016, hearing on a complaint, filed by the non-profit Our Children’s Trust in Oregon Federal Court, on behalf of 21 kids from around the USA, aged 8–19. As outlined in an insightful post on DeSmog Blog by Clayton Aldern, “Our Children’s Trust asserts that their clients, and the younger generation as a whole, have been deprived of key rights by their own government. By failing to act on climate change they argue, the United States government has valued its own generation more than future generations, who will bear a greater burden with respect to the climate crisis.” An interesting and important case to keep your eyes on and to talk about with the kids in your life.

Join us today and support Mr. Eco so we can continue to empower our children…

Remember our ClimateMama mantra: “Tell the truth, actions speak louder then words, and don’t be afraid.” Mr. Eco helps empower our children by giving them the tools, the knowledge and the actions to change their world and ours, in a positive, productive way.


Climate Mama

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