Campaigns & Events

 Campaigns and Events:

TOGETHER WE RISE THE POWER OF FEMAL LEADERSHIP IN THE CLIMATE MOVEMENT, New York City, September 2021. Our ClimateMama Harriet is introduced by Former Vice President Al Gore around the 1:30 minute mark. Watch the entire event, amazing speakers, one and all! 

INTERNATIONAL PARENT DECLARATION, DECEMBER, 2019:  As imput to the COP 25 United Nations meetings in Madrid Spain, Parents from 228 parent-climate groups across 28 countries have signed a heartfelt plea asking delegates to reflect upon their love for their own children and by extension taking action for all children. ClimateMama is proud and honored to be one of the groups that have signed the declaration.

Climate Fast New Jersey: From  November 7th - November 21st, 2018, beginning right after the mid term elections, a water-only fast opposing any new fossil fuel infrastructure in New Jersey will be undertaken in Trenton, NJ and elsewhere around the state. Please join us, either in Trenton or at home, work, or elsewhere. You can sign up here. For some participants, the fast will last for as long as two weeks. It will be conducted primarily outside the offices of Governor Phil Murphy in Trenton. Learn more here. 
Fossil Fuels Are Bad for the NJ Pension Funds: The fossil fuel energy companies are no longer reliable Blue Chip stocks for its investors. In 2017, the energy sector came in next to last in performance, losing more than 4% while the Standard & Poor's 500 gained 19% overall. In its 2017 annual report, the NJ State Investment Council noted that the energy sector had lost money for 3 consecutive years.With renewables gaining in market share and the bright future of electric cars, the outlook for the fossil fuel sector is increasingly negative.  Help us Protect the NJ State Pension Funds: Divest Fossil Fuel Investments Now! Join us and  call on the NJ State Investment Council to create a fossil free portfolio by divesting from all fossil fuel companies and the institutions that finance them. This will align NJ investment strategy with Governor Murphy's goal of transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Add your custom message to the SIC to the right, along with you contact info. Join us to day. ADD YOUR NAME

Recent Campaigns and Events:


February 1-3, 2018, California: ShiftCon is an eco-wellness influencer conference focusing on food, wellness, health, sustainability and platform growth. Shifters are part of an online influencer community that seek healthier and more sustainable lives, promote brands that mirror their values, and help causes that speak to their soul. Our influencers span between newbies, light and deep green. Shift happens. Be part of it. Our ClimateMama, Harriet presented as part of  a panel on February 3rd, hosted by Beauty Counter, "Simple tools to Communicate Science in an Accurate and Compelling Way."

February 3rd, 2018, New York: Renowned experts, innovators, organizers, and policy-makers gathered to share tools and steps forward to implement the most impactful, cutting-edge solutions to climate change.  The goal of this event is jjoint action by many individuals as well as action at the corporate, municipal, regional and state level.

24hours17 December 4 & 5th, 2017 was  24 Hours of Reality. Be the Voice.  Vice President Gore shared the latest from the frontlines of climate impacts and action in each region, while leaders from business, policy, culture, and science joined to share  thought-provoking studio conversations. And, just as with previous years’ programs, special guest appearances by today’s marquee musicians and recording artists ensured the program was every bit as entertaining as it is enlightening and empowering.

Join the Water is Life Caravan on July 9th in Bergen County, New Jersey. To mark the 4th Anniversary of the tragic Lac-Megantic oil train disaster, this community - county wide caravan calls attention to new and expanded forms of oil transport and a renewed and urgent call for renewable energy now. You can find more details here. 

One World One Climate is an international campaign, taking place on Wednesday, 6/21. Please sign up and share on our Facebook Event Page. Light a candle and join us on-line or in your backyard! Share love and hope for our planet and help us connect the dots between climate change, our actions and refugees. Share the hashtag #1world1climate. Learn more at One World, One Love.   

Stop Pipelines and Dirty Fossil Fuels Lobby Day, Trenton, New Jersey Thursday, 6/22. 10am-3pm We are coming together to urge our state legislators to help block the destructive proposed pipelines and oil bomb trains running throughout the state. This dirty infrastructure threatens our drinking water and public safety, destroys open space and private property, and undermines our economy and green jobs. 

May 24th, 1-2:30pm ET. Reclaiming Our Democracy: Resistance and Renewal, a free on-line training, featuring powerful women leaders who will share strategic analysis; roadmaps for reclaiming our democracy; thoughts on how best to organize in this current political moment; tips on how we can make a difference in the decisions made by our government; and much, much more. This training will focus on the U.S. context, processes and examples, however international allies are welcome to participate.  SPEAKERS include: Cindy Weisner (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance); Ashanti Gholar (Emerge America); and Liz Van Cleve (Project Indivisible). Full information available here. 

NJ Mama Summit: May 25th, 9-2pm Trenton, NJ. ClimateMama joins parents, kids and concerned citizens from across the New Jersey to ask our elected officials to protect our children from the effects of toxic air pollution. Registration today!

  ClimateMama is a proud partner of the Peoples Climate Movement. Join us in Washington DC, or at a location near you for the Peoples Climate March on April 29th, 2017. For more information on getting to Washington or for information on a march in your community, check here. 

A great way to bring peole together and build hope is through story telling and art. Here are some great ideas for bringing these two activities together to create climate hope for and around the Peoples Climate March, Find out more, here. 

The Earth2Trump shows feature music by singer-songwriter Casey Neill and Diné and Cheyenne hip-hop artist Lyla June. The tour also includes speeches by Cheryl Angel, a Lakota elder fighting the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, and Brytnee Laurette with the Center for Biological Diversity. It is a powerful opportunity to join a growing movement of resistance to all forms of oppression and all attacks on our environment. This will be a fun and inspiring evening of music and activism that sends a powerful, unwavering Earth2Trump message that oppression and environmental destruction will not be tolerated. The show will be in the NYC area from April 19-April 22nd. Find out more here. 

 Join us on Earth Day in a city near you as we STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT for science! The Marches will be fun; bring your family and your friends. Creative signs and costumes incouraged :) More information can be found here.  Our NYC contingent will be meeting up on CPW and 69th, on the park side of the street at 10:30am ET

Join us at 2 exciting and powerful events hosted by the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network  - 'Indigenous Women Protecting Earth, Rights and Communities - New York City' on April 26th from 1-4pm at the UN Church Center and 'Women Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change - D.C.' on April 29th, after the People's Climate March! For more information and to RSVP, click here. 



Women Speak: Stories, Case Studies And Solutions From The Frontlines Of Climate Change’ is a web-based research database and initiative designed to shift the narrative and to challenge dominant systems of exploitation and oppression of women and the Earth, as we collect and share many hundreds, and ultimately many thousands, of stories by and about women leading struggles and solutions for climate justice under a variety of cross-sectional themes. The goal is to create an accessible and ever-growing source of information, research and multimedia storytelling for frontline Earth defenders, policy makers, journalists, activists, educators, students, and all those seeking to understand and demonstrate why and how women are paramount to just action on climate change, and the defense and protection of the web of life itself. Add YOUR story today. 

How and why we must move beyond extreme energy and all fossil fuels - and leap immediately to renewables. Learn more about the Federal Regulatory Review Agency (FERC), a powerful, yet little known federal agency. FERC is charged with approving gas infrastructure projects such as pipelines, compressor stations and Liquified Natural Gas Plants. In fact, they have over a 90% project approval record! Communities around the country are now questioning what due process exists through FERC and bringing to light many of the problems that they are encountering as a result of these FERC approvals.

Coalition to Stop the Pilgrim Pipeline. Grassroots communities across New York and New Jersey united to stop 2 oil pipelines from traversing our states.

350 and Connecting the Dots

Join the grassroots movement that has erupted in 188 countries, spawned it's own movements, including the Tar Sands Action, and energized a new generation of climate activists. Find out what is so special about "350" and why it has ignited a movement! Join an ongoing campaign. You NEVER know where a 350 campaign may lead.... Our Climate Mama, Harriet, got so excited about what was happening, she decided to  "wind it up a notch," even got herself arrested....(something she is very proud of - ask her about it - she is happy to share all the details with you!) Check out the 350 Divestment Campaign, whether you are currently a student, an alumni, or never went to college - find out how to go "fossil free."

"Full Stop" on Fracking

Educate yourself about the 21st Century "Clean (use this word lightly) Energy Gold Rush," better known as "fracked natural gas," and find out that this is in fact anything but Clean, Natural or a Gold mine. Fracking is a dangerous, loosely regulated method of natural gas extraction that involves pumping a toxic sludge made up of hundreds of chemicals, many of which are "proprietary" and not disclosed, thousands of feet underground to break up rock that is trapping natural gas. This gas is then released and these dangerous chemicals come back to the surface for disposal. This process contaminates our drinking water, our land and the air that we breath. Learn more from Food and Water Watch and the Delaware Riverkeeper Network 

  Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE), Safe Enrgy Rights Group (SEnRG) and ResistSpectra together are fighting to pressure public officials to protect us and take emergency action to stop the operation of hte dangerous Spectra AIM pipeline. 20 million lives in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are at risk. Find out more, here.  


Please consider joining us on any of these campaigns and let your Senator and Congressperson know what you think!