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December 2016: Mothers Unleach their Organizing Power on Climate - Grist

May 2016: Mothers Day 2016: Letter to My Children - Moms Clean Air Force

May 2016: Dear Elliot and Alana - Dear Tomorrrow

December 2015: State Moving Backward on Renewable Energy - Asbury Park Press

September 2015: Five Powerful Voices Talk Climate Change - EcoWatch 

March 2015: Moms Matter in our Fight Against Climate Change -

December 2014: What if Anything Should President Obama Do on Climate Change: ClimateMama?  - Discors

October 2014: Global Moms in Action: Climate Mama - Global Moms Challenge

October 2014: Locals Join Thousands in Climate Change March - NJ Record

October 2014: Sustainability Hero: Harriet Shugarman - Sustainable New Jersey

July 2014: The Climate Revolution Begins with you - MSNBC

July 2014: From Mother to ClimateMama - Climate Reality 

July 2014: Fracking Vs Food - Natural Awakenings

April 2014: Earth Day Lessons for My Children - MSNBC

February 2014: Oped, Big Decision ahead on Keystone XL - MSNBC

November 2013: Quiet Heroes - Climate Reality

August 2013: Fierce Women - Maxim

April 2013: Green Housewives of Bergen County (pp 37-38) - Bergen Health and Life

March 2013: Mom Bloggers on Seeing the Water Crisis up Front - Impatient Optimists

March 2013: Forum Message: Cleaner Power Helps Fight Global Warming - NJ Spotlight

March 2013: Moms Clean Air Force Celebrates Women Fighting for Clean Air - MomsCAF

November 2012: Lessons from the Field: Making the Climate Connection with Sandy - ClimateAccess

November 2012: Clean Air and Environmental Justice for All - Momsrising

April 2012: Asthma, Allergies and Fighting for Clean Air for My Children - MomsRising

February 2012: Rally for our Kids Future - The Alternative Press

February 2012: Residents Say Bring Back RGGI - Westfield Patch

October 2011: Harriet the Climate Mama - Tar Sands Action

October 2011: Conversation with Harriet Shugarman - The Magazine of Yoga

October 2011: Conversation with Harriet Shugarman Part 2 - The Magazine of Yoga

October 2011: Climate Mama Spreads Word Against Global Warming - Bergen Record/North Jersey News

September 2011: Climate Mama Making A Difference - Our Green Ninja

September 2011: 24 Hours of Reality, Indonesia - The Climate Reality Project

September 2011: From the Front Lines - Climate Reality Project

August 2011: Tar Sands Action Participants - Spokespeople

August 2011: In Women We Trust -  Speakers Bureau

August 2011: Why I'm Risking Arrest - Tar Sands Action

August 2011: I need to be in DC for my Children - 350 Or Bust

May 2011: Presenter Profile - The Climate Reality Project

April 2011: Franke James is a Climate Mama - Franke James

March 2011: Meet Our Presenters -  The Climate Reality Project

March 2010: EDY40, Earth Day New York City - Speakers Bureau

January 2010: Becoming Climate Mama - More Magazine

January 2010: Climate Mama Helps Busy Parents - Natural Awakenings

May 2009: Greening Your Synagogue - Jewish National Fund

Press Releases

February 2011: Climate Mama Appearing on Lifetime TV

February 2010: Follow Climate Mama at the First Ever Carbon Neutral Olympic Games

December 2009: Launched Just in Time for the Copenhagen Climate Conference


May 2016: An Inconvenient Truth: Harriet Shugarman, Truth Testimonials #44 - Take Part 

December 2015: Women's Earth and Climate Action Network - The Many Shades of Green 

December 2105: COP21 "Last and Greatest Hope" for Solving the Climate Crisis - The Green Diva's Radio Show

November 2015: Women Speak for Climate Justice on the Road to COP21 - WECAN & Zero Gravity Films

July 2015: Climate Mama Recycled Threads - The Green Diva's Radio Show  

September 2015: ClimateMama on New York City Green Gotham TV - interviewed by Lew Blaustein 

December 2014: ClimateMama on the PennEast Pipeline, Delaware River Basin Commission - Kenneth Collins

March 2014: BlogTalk Radio, Harriet Shugarman, ClimateMama - Musicians for Biodiversity with Dr. Cal

June 2013: Climate Voices, Harriet Shugarman The Mothers Voice - ClimateNexus

April 2013: Green-A-Fair 2013: Harriet Shugarman The Impact of Climate Change - njvid

March 2013: Great Green Playdate for a Health Home - The Environment TV

March 2013: Celebrate World Water Day with Harriet Shugarman - Social Good Moms

March 2013: Fracking Waste in New Jersey - NJ State House - Blue Jersey (around 7:14 minute mark)

November 2012: Good Economic in a Destabilized Climate - Villanova University, The

November 2012: 24 Hours of Reality, "Trusted Messengers on Climate Change" - Climate Reality (around 28 minute mark)

August 2012: Blogger Stories: BlogHer '12 in NYC - Kuyam

July 2012: Anti-Fracking Movement Goes National - Five O'Clock Shadow WBAI 99.5FM

March 2012: What's Your Sign, People & Planet - Museum of Motherhood

March 2012: State Lobby Day: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative - Environment New Jersey

December 2011: Climate Change: The Reality, Global Response, Practical Steps - Emerald Planet TV

October 2011: Activist Urge Christie to Reconsider Anti Pollution Pact -

October 2011: Harret Shugarman, How Come? - Ericsson

September 2011: 24 Hours of Reality Broadcast -  Indonesia Segment

August 2011: Why I'm Joining the Tar Sands Action -

November 2010: ClimateMama, The Climate Project & The Balancing Act - LIFETIME TV

August 2010: Reinvention Story -Yahoo! Shine

April 2010: Harriet Shugarman - Climate Mama:

January 2010: Climate Mama: Connections with Deborah Turner, Rockland Radio

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Welcome to Climate Mama


You are a mother, a father, a grandparent, an uncle, an aunt, a teacher or a child at heart. When you hear the Native American saying, “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”, it makes you stop for a moment and think. You love nature, travel, adventure and believing in a world that is special and unique. Climate change and global warming are words that alarm you, that often seem too big to get your arms around. You care about what’s happening to the world and notice small changes in your own life that seem to point in the direction of a threatened environment. But you wonder if these changes are real, and if they are you can’t imagine what you can do to help change what is happening.

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Climate Mamas and Papas

mama papa

Climate Change so often seems too big to get our hands around. We wonder where we can start and how we can actually make a difference. Each one of us has a different path that we will follow. Some of us cut a wider swath than others, but each of us has a role to play. We would like to introduce you to some amazing individuals, Climate Mamas and Papas who are making a difference, who are, through their daily lives, affecting the lives of all of us. They inspire us, empower us, and challenge us to reach for the stars, to strive to do the best we can to help change the crash course we are currently on with our environment. Lets meet some of these amazing people and find out what inspires them. Meet our featured Climate Papa, Gregg Kleinertoday!

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Featured Partner

The Climate Reality Project employs cutting-edge communications and grassroots engagement tools to break the dam of inaction and raise the profile of the climate crisis to its proper state of urgency. With a Global movement of more than 5 million strong and a grassroots network of more than 6000 Climate Leaders trained by Al Gore, the Climate Reality Movement stands up to denial, presses for solutions and spreads the truth about climate change to empower leaders to solve the climate crisis. Climate Reality is leading the way and helping us find and hold onto Climate Hope!

May 24th, 2016 was the 10th Anniversary of the release of the film, An Inconvenient Truth. The film was the impetus for the creation of The Climate Reality Project and an awakening to so many about the depth and breadth of the climate crisis - including our Climate Mama. Do you remember the first time you watched that film? Watch it again or watch it for the first time. Share it with the kids in your life.


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