So, who is “minding the store” these days? For many of us, we have come to the realization that few people or organizations are actually minding our “collective store” – whether it’s our political systems, our industries, our health care system,  our social and environmental justice policies and programs  – too many decisions are being made strictly for reasons of profit and short-term gain.

So, we are thrilled to share with you that once again, we are joining the Safer Chemical’s Health Families “Mind the Store” Campaign and Week of Action, this week targeted at Albertsons. As background, in 2015, Safeway, the second largest grocery company in the country, merged with Albertsons and now the combined company operates under the name Albertsons. The company has 2,230 stores, 27 distribution facilities and 19 manufacturing plants with over 250,000 employees across 34 states and the District of Columbia.

When the Mind The Store campaign began in 2013, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families requested that Safeway develop a comprehensive plan to address the Hazardous 100+ chemicals in the products it sells. Four years later, the company (now Albertsons) has yet to take meaningful action for a comprehensive chemical policy and has received an “F” grade, the third lowest grade of any retailer evaluated.  Albertsons has no public safer chemicals policy in place. While the company has reported some progress in reducing the use of BPA in canned foods, it has not disclosed a timeframe or plan for completely eliminating and safely substituting BPA in canned foods.

This week’s Campaign is demanding that Albertsons, and its subsidiaries assume it’s rightful place as an industry leader, and stop selling products containing or packaged with toxic chemicals such as lead, formaldehyde, parabens, and BPA. The campaign is calling on the supermarket giant to announce a safer chemicals policy to reduce and eliminate toxic chemicals, as Walmart, Target and other retailers have done.

The campaign is supported by new research revealing toxic chemicals in two dozen products sold by Albertsons, including lead in the handles of summer barbeque basting and cleaning brushes, formaldehyde releasers, parabens, fragrance and other toxic chemicals in personal care and cleaning products.

“This summer, it’s time for Albertsons to turn up the heat on toxic chemicals,” said Mike Schade, Mind the Store Campaign Director of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. “As one of the nation’s largest retailers, Albertsons should wield its market power to drive dangerous chemicals out of products. If retailers like Walmart and Target can do it, so can Albertsons.”

You  may be wondering, what do “safer chemicals” have to do with climate change? A simple answer is that many of hazardous chemicals are derived from petrochemicals (fossil fuels). More complicated but equally relevant to me is the fact that my children and I seem to be part of a big “experiment” and at the mercy of companies that aren’t really sure “how harmful” their products are, but are willing to bargain with my health and that of my children while we all wait to find out. This same attitude and lack of adherence to the precautionary principal is ingrained in the production, distribution and transportation of fossil fuels and “big agriculture” products where the “experiment” not only involves my children’s health but that of our planet’s as well.

We need to work together to support campaigns, hopes, ideas and programs across a broad spectrum of issue areas and disciplines. Our common goals include a safe, healthy and hopeful future and now for our children. Together we can and will speak truth to power, and make sure that our children, their future and their now are front and center.


Climate Mama

P.S. Please check out the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Mind the Store Campaign page and consider getting involved at your neighborhood store. Drop off a letter, share flyers with your family and friends; together we can and will make our world a safer place for our children.



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Should I go to jail for my convictions? What will my children think, who will look after them while I’m in jail? Questions few of us actually will ever face but ones that a growing number of people are considering as we confront new and powerful assaults to our freedoms, our bodies, our children and our mother earth. Our dear friend and Climate Mama extraordinaire, Pramilla Malick, mother of 4 has steeled herself to report for jail on July 14, 2017, to raise attention to the crisis we face, and to demand justice for her children and for ours.

As Climate Mamas and Papas, we recognize and understand the urgency of the crisis we face because of climate change. Yet, we also recognize that many of our friends, our families and our colleagues do not understand or choose not to see that our collective “house is on fire” and that the fire department not only is NO WHERE in sight, it hasn’t even been called. While more and more people anecdotally do see and feel climate change, the immediacy of the problem is often beyond comprehension and the perceived ability to take meaningful action seems too hard to take or too removed from our abilities to act.

We want to share a brief account of the back-story to Pramilla’s conviction and sentencing; we will be sharing a longer version in the weeks to come. Pramilla is a busy mother of four, who works in the information technology sector and has always been active in her community. But in 2011, when a gas compressor station was being built in her New York town, she not only got curious she took action. Pramilla began speaking out, insisting on facts about what this would mean to the health and welfare of families living near the compressor station. Pramilla organized her community to demand answers too. She helped her neighbors have their voices heard in federal court in Washington DC and she has selflessly helped other towns and neighborhoods around the country learn more about the health and environmental impacts of gas infrastructure. Pramilla shows us daily how each of us can make a difference. She embodies our Climate Mama motto: “Tell the truth, actions speak louder then words, and don’t be afraid.”

The Minisink, NY compressor station was the “tip of the iceberg” for Pramilla and her neighbors, and for many communities around the country as well. This New York compressor station has resulted in the building of pipelines and also, in this case, of one of the largest gas power plants in New York State. The CPV fracked gas power plant (the gas to run the plant will come from fracking fields in Pennsylvania) is a 650 megawatt plant. During Pramilla’s trial, esteemed Cornell scientists Bob Howarth and Tony Ingraffea testified to the imminent harms this power plant would cause. You can listen to their press conference here. 

There are  close to 200 other large fracked gas fired power plants proposed or under construction in the United States; a disaster for our climate and our health, as more and more details are emerging on the impact of emissions from these plants, and on the health impacts for our children, our livestock, our farms and us.

So, while New York State is being touted as a “climate hero” state in fact it is in the final stages of construction of one of the biggest fracked gas fired power plants in the country, with a second large gas power plant that just broke ground last week. Clearly, energy policy and climate policy are at odds in New York. Pramilla along with a small group of determined people from the Wawayanda area in Orange County New York, are trying to raise this alarm and wake people up to these facts. This particular story is one full of intrigue and unexpected twists and turns. This complicated and massive power plant was approved by a small town planning board. Many 9/11 responders who settled in this area after the twin towers attack are now being assaulted again. A senior aide to Governor Cuomo is caught up in a bribery case that involves this power plant; and the list goes on.

As Pramilla prepares to go to jail, these are her thoughts: “Since I was young whenever I saw a movie about prison I was always afraid of being in one. I had a premonition that I would one day be in one for some erroneous reason, like being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So my premonition is about to come true. I am not as brave as James Cromwell. I am a bit nervous. But I know it was necessary to get peoples attention to the magnitude of this issue. For now the most important thing to do is to come on Friday (July 14th) and use our 7 days sacrifice to alert your friends and neighbors everywhere about this issue.”

Please join us and follow along. You can find more information on Facebook here, and here. If you can, be present on July 14th and join Pramilla on her “walk” to jail. Help us share this story with your friends and family. We are facing the greatest challenge that any of us will every face, and we need to begin acting like there is an emergency. Pramilla is showing us the way; leading with dignity, determination and grace.

Sending our thanks, love and support to all the Climate Mamas and Papas around the country and the world who are on guard and standing strong for us all.



Climate Mama

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Along our ClimateMama journey we are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to meet so many inspiring Climate Mamas and Papas from across the country and around the world. One of these very special Climate Mamas  is Heidi Cody. Heidi is a Washington State Climate Mama extraordinare who, through her art and activism, is helping climate campaigns and campaigners across the USA engage, educate and empower people to learn more about the climate crisis and to take action –  at the same time inspiring and building climate hope.  No campaign is too big, or to small. Whether you are part of a large organization, or simply want to share a project your local PTA  or community group is planning, Climate Toothpaste could be the perfect platform for you! Learn more as Heidi, in her own words, introducing us to her Climate Toothpaste project. Share this post with the kids in your life. Show them how each of us can use our talents and our passions to do good and to help others do good too. Do you know an artist that is using their art for good? We’d love to share his or her story with our ClimateMama community!

Climate Toothpaste: An Introduction

I’d like to introduce you to my project Climate Toothpaste. I’m an artist and designer, and a climate activist. Plus I have a wonderful child. I just can’t do all of those things well. And, I want to help more climate groups than I can. So, I fused my art with my activism, and created Climate Toothpaste.

Wait a minute. Climate TOOTHPASTE?! Yes. It’s NOT toothpaste. (Sorry.) It’s a mass-produced art object: a real toothpaste box, covered with information about climate change. It’s eye-popping, and it sparks conversations about climate. You can’t put a price on starting conversations about climate change.

Continue reading

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As the final school bell rings to mark the end of the school year and the real start to summer vacation –  thoughts of family holidays at the beach, the mountains, hiking, camping and new adventures,  enter our minds and our conversations.   But as Climate Mamas and Papas, we also are well aware that traveling can also weigh heavy on our planet and have significant climate impacts. Thought and preparation in advance of  our travels can lessen the load, create learning opportunities, and make our vacations more memorable and fun! Our friends from Change My Footprint have shared some great travel tips with us and we are so very pleased to share them with you.

Traveling with the Climate in Mind

By Martijn & Marc, brothers and founders of

With the holiday season upon us, we find ourselves thinking about our next travel destination. But vacations often come with a heavy footprint on our planet…so, can we plan for this? In fact we can! Not only can we travel lighter, there are many things we can do that also help us save money at the same time.

Use e-tickets for everything: Why print your train or flight tickets? No need to waste that paper. Use a digital ticket instead. Most of our phones now have apps to help us store and keep our tickets with us, readily accessible at all times. E-tickets are often cheaper than paper tickets and e-tickets are hard to lose as well!

Driving vacations: Many of us drive to our holiday destinations. Especially on long drives, there is a lot of money and a huge footprint to save. To begin with, before you leave, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Your gas mileage will improve when your tires have to right amount of air in them. Continue reading

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The third week of June is filled with many monumental moments and observances that remind us to think, listen, learn and connect the dots between our planet and our actions.

In the United States, the third week of June is Pollinator week – which among many concepts, reminds us that as we live climate change, the lives of critical pollinators are increasingly being threatened, potentially impacting and imperiling our food supply, our future and now. Around the world, World Refugee Day is held on June 20th.  This solemn day connects so many dots, reminding us that 10’s of thousands of families around the world are being forced to flee their homes due to armed conflict, generalized violence, or persecution based on race, religion or nationality. Increasingly, we are also seeing “climate refugees” as the results of extreme weather disasters and deteriorating ecological conditions force more and more people to seek refuge far from home.
The summer solstice, celebrated on June 21st is both the longest day and the shortest night of the year, as well as the “technical” beginning of summer. For those of us who study climate change, it is an opportunity to remind ourselves how our planet’s formal “seasonal changes,” are being altered as our heavy footprints impact our planet’s ecosystems and throw mother nature “off balance.”

This solstice, we at ClimateMama, were honored to partner with One World One Love, to build on the awareness of this impactful week, by asking people around the world to light candles to honor our planet and connects the dots between climate change and refugees. We were thrilled to see pictures sent in from all over the world, from Maryland to Bangladesh, from Vancouver to India, from the United Kingdom to Northern Ireland, and from New Jersey to Washington DC, to name just a few. It’s not to late to add your photos; take one with the kids in your life  and post the photo on your social media with the hashtag  #1world1climate – remember to tell us what city you are posting from!

And, in case you missed it, take some time to sit down with the kids in our life and watch the Years of Living Dangerously episode on climate change and refugees. According to the UN Refugee Agency, over 25 million people are forced to leave their homes due to disasters every year. Sadly, as our world continues to be kept out of balance, and as we all live climate change, the world refugee crisis will continue to grow. How we help manage this crisis, is up to us. Here is a short preview of this episode.

Climate Change and the Migrant Crisis from YEARS of LIVING DANGEROUSLY on Vimeo.

Learn more about what you can do directly to impact refugee lives by visiting One World One Love. Let us know what organizations are operating in your state to help settle refugees.



Climate Mama

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Too often these days, for those of us working on climate change, many messages from social media seem to imply a bleak future with problems too big to tackle and seemingly ignored by those in powerful positions who might be able to make a difference. We want to set the record straight. There is a way for each of us to be involved and build climate hope through real actions. With the help of an amazing Climate Mama from Florida, Sandi Schwartz, we want to help show you how it’s done. All around the country, and around the world, parents, families and children are digging in and getting to work on climate solutions. With sleeves rolled up, we are creating positive solutions and opportunities and encouraging others to join us and get involved. At ClimateMama, with the help of folks like Sandi, we are thrilled to highlight some of the many unsung heroes who are not waiting for politicians or the media to catch up, but who are already hard at work addressing climate change.

How South Florida Families Are Working To Address Climate Change

By Sandi Schwartz

If you look at the projection maps for sea level rise, South Florida is ground zero for feeling the effects of climate change. The City of Miami Beach, for example, already experiences king tides, which happen when the sun is out and the weather is completely dry. Florida has 1,350 miles of coastline, and most of the area is less than a foot above sea level, so it does not take much for flooding to quickly seep into our neighborhoods.

Many people in Florida are realizing that sea level rise and more intense, frequent storms could cause serious problems. However, we are no California. Sadly, our state government leadership is skeptical about climate change, and a bill just passed in the last legislative session that allows citizens to remove textbooks from schools that teach about climate change.

Although we are faced with a bit of an uphill battle in Florida, we have many climate heroes as well who are an inspiration to all of us.

 Young Local Climate Heroes

One young national climate hero who hails from Florida is Levi Draheim. At only 9 years old, he is one of the children suing the Federal government through Our Children’s Trust. The children allege that the federal government, through its actions and coordination with the fossil fuel industry, have violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to a livable climate. Our Children’s Trust is also working with youth in Florida to file a new state level case. If you or your children are interested in learning more, contact Our Children’s Trust today!

Another local hero is Delaney Reynolds, a college student at the University of Miami’s Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and founder of The Sink or Swim Project. She grew up in the Florida Keys surrounded by water, which peaked her interest in global warming and the threat of sea level rise. She speaks with kids around the world about climate change and what they can do to help, and is a published author and illustrator of children’s books on ecological topics.

A group of four Florida middle school students went beyond the classroom to make incredible environmental improvements in their school and throughout the community. They were so concerned about sea level rise impacting Miami, that they conducted a school energy audit with the help of the non-profit Dream in Green. They created an educational program to teach their fellow students about energy savings and other sustainability topics. When they moved over to high school, they continued their efforts and ended up saving the school about $5,000 in just one year. Check out this inspiring video about their story.

What Families Can Do

Here are some ways that families can get involved in South Florida and beyond.

MuseumsThe first step is to teach your kids about climate change. South Florida has so many amazing museums with exhibits about climate change. The Museum of Discovery and Science in Ft. Lauderdale teaches kids about weather and their carbon footprint. The H2O Today exhibit at the Frost Museum of Science in Miami shows how climate change, population growth, and pollution affected the water cycle and weather patterns. Other museums to check out in the area are Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, and Loggerhead Marine Life Center.

Marches and Rallies: In April, both the March for Science and People’s Climate March took place all over the world. I attended the ones in West Palm Beach, Florida. These types of events are a terrific way to show your children the importance of speaking up for what they believe in. Look for more of these opportunities for families to join together on climate change.

Volunteer Groups: Join a local group of moms already fighting for the environment. Moms Clean Air Force is a community of a million moms and dads united against air pollution and climate change to protect our children’s health. They provide members with online resources, articles, action tools, and on-the-ground events. There is a specific group for Florida families, but you can also find one in your state as well.

Contact Government Leaders: Making calls and writing to our government leaders has quickly become the norm for so many Americans. There is no reason that you can’t get your kids involved as well. Kids 4 Planet Earth challenges kids to write letters to the President about climate change. Consider organizing a letter writing playdate and having your kids send postcards to other government officials like your mayor, governor, and members of Congress. Create your own recycled postcards using this awesome tutorial.

I hope that more Florida families will do their part to ensure that we slow down the impacts of climate change in our state and throughout the world.

Sandi Schwartz writes the blog Happy Science Mom, a parenting toolkit for raising happy, balanced children that highlights the importance of protecting and spending time in nature.

Resources:  P.S. Check out Climate Central’s Surging Seas, app and website to learn more about sea level rise and what it will mean for YOUR community. 


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Father’s Day 2017 is my second Father’s Day without my father. Life happens, we all lose loved ones – this is a fact and the circle of life. While these heartbreaking losses stay with us forever – the crushing, immediate and paralyzing hurt does fade.

In 2016 I wrote a post that was published in Elephant Journal, called “Climate Change & Cancer, The Long Goodbye.” The post drew parallels – using my personal experiences and thoughts – between the campaign to keep cigarettes in peoples hands and todays climate denial. By downplaying the clear links that 100’s of peer reviewed scientific studies showed between cigarette smoking and cancer, many people became addicted to cigarettes and experienced negative health impacts – including death. Many articles and studies have shown how the same tactics used to downplay linkages between cigarette smoking and cancer, are now playing out to cast doubt on our role in accelerating climate change. A small group of well-funded climate deniers has been raising doubt about the linkages between our use of fossil fuels and our heavy footprints on our planet and the exponential acceleration of climate change that threatens our species and all others species as well. These climate denier campaigns have been brewing for years, with success.

“I am still raging inside, shaking with anger. Raging against the disease that killed my father and raging against the political machinery that lets too many of our political candidates continue to publicly, vocally, and with authority deny the realities of climate change, raising doubt about our role in what is happening and thereby slowing down solutions and actions…. Our planet is showing us in a myriad of ways that it is critically sick and suffering. And every day, new scientific studies connect the dots between our way of life, our energy choices, our actions, and our changing climate—yet these studies are not translated into the necessary tough policies we need set us on a safe path.” My feelings last year, when things were still so raw for me on so many levels.

This year, my rage has subsided to a slow simmer, and my thoughts on this Father’s Day have moved to reflection and memories –  of times well spent with my father and on building and growing my resolve. I feel strangely hopeful that we have turned a corner, our cards and those of our current Administration are “on the table.” In many circles we are moving to stronger and lasting solutions on climate change, in others, still farther away.

No, I haven’t drank any strange kool-aid, and yes, I do understand that we are at the edge of a cliff, but I feel our momentum has shifted to resolute and sustained action both in the United States and around the world. Here in the United States, it seems clear to me that we are publicly and visibly being asked to take sides, to look our children in their eyes, and tell them where we stand. If this isn’t obvious to all, then we must make it so. All our elected officials, and each of us must be clear on where we stand. Will we join with countries, cities, states, businesses, colleges and organizations around the world, who are loudly declaring they are “still in” moving forward with firm, immediate and sustained climate action – or not. From where I sit, the “moving forward side” is picking up speed and seems unstoppable.

Donald Trump and many in his Cabinet and inner circle have clearly and vocally staked their allegiance to coal, fossil fuels, big agriculture, limited environmental regulations coupled with a clear and loud amping up of the climate denial machine. But, I remain hopeful because each day I see push back to this message, and how this approach is being marginalized and side stepped. Clearly our democracy and the place of the federal government  in it is being seriously challenged, but it has been for some time. What is more obvious to me is that climate change policy has more overtly become a partisan issue and divide. This is NOT okay and more and more people are pushing back.  Now more then ever we must stand together with friends and family – whether, green, purple, blue, red, republican, democrat or independent – and declare loudly that climate change is real, here, now and caused by us, and yes, that we CAN do something about it.

My father’s death from cancer was directly linked to his years as a smoker; to be sure exacerbated by other conditions. Understanding the connections between cigarettes and cancer didn’t make it any less painful for our family or for my father – who showed us all how to live with dignity, honor and hope, even with the knowledge that death was knocking loudly at the door. As my father and our family grappled with the disease that killed him, we had our eyes wide open to the cause, but we did pin our hopes on prayer and on treatments not quite there. Prayer helped some of us feel stronger, and now almost two years after my father’s death, the immunotherapy drugs that might have extended his life are available and being widely used. Things can and do change quickly.

Climate change in it’s current manifestation is a problem of our making; one that has unfolded over years and will take years and lifetimes to resolve. But as we debate reality, and as climate denial is allowed to ferment, we are wasting time we can’t get back. Clearly, in this world of “Alternative Facts”   post election, telling the truth has been put into question and the disease we have inflicted on our planet has a death grip on our human species.We know that this hasn’t happen overnight. And the easy thing would be to place blame solely on the current administration. But this isn’t an easy problem where we can point a finger to identify the cause, nor is there one or even a handful of solutions. There ARE a myriad of solutions, with room for us all to be involved.

So, my rambling message to all our Climate Mamas and Papas this Father’s Day, as we come together to celebrate our fathers, our brothers, our grandfathers – living and dead – is that we must stay hopeful, be reflective, and be intentional. Our ClimateMama mantra guides us: “Tell the truth, actions speak louder than words, don’t be afraid.” My father showed through his actions, how to live life this way. I strive each day to honor his memory and to follow his example.

A special thanks and shout out to all our Climate Papas for joining us on this journey and for giving us resolve and building our climate hope.

Happy Father’s Day Dad…I love you, I miss you and I think about you every day.


In hope and resolve,


Climate Mama

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Credit: Shutterstock

From time to time, we get inquiries from individuals and companies asking to guest post on our ClimateMama blog. We are happy to give folks the opportunity to share their views on ClimateMama, and we make clear that we don’t endorse any products or services unless we have tried them out, would use them, and recommend them to you! As far as advice, the same thing goes; we don’t share information unless we would also provide it to you. We were recently contacted by the folks at a new website, ClimateWise, who are looking to “set the record straight” on climate change information.  Below is an article we are pleased to share with you. We appreciate the simple and straightforward ways that ClimateWise helps us answer these questions.

Setting the Record Straight, by Neil Stawski, ClimateWise

By Andy Brunner, Used with Permission, UNsplash

For a concept that is pretty much settled science for those who study it, climate change sure sees a lot of skepticism and debate from those in government and normal, everyday citizens. There are many misconceptions about climate change floating around out there, and they do us all a disservice. Climate change is something we all must understand, so that we can see just how important it is to act and to act fast. Here are some of these common misconceptions, set straight.

Doesn’t cold weather mean there is no global warming? Wrong. This is a common confusion of weather and climate. Weather is defined as environmental changes in the short-term – minutes, hours, and months. Climate works on a larger scale. Climate change refers to changing patterns that take place over years – decades even. In fact, global warming can actually cause harsher winters.

“Warmer temperatures in the winter of 2006 caused Lake Erie to not freeze for the first time in its history. This actually led to increased snowfalls because more evaporating water from the lake was available for precipitation,” notes Scientific American.

What about all of the scientists that don’t think climate change is real? The fact is that there are very few scientists who do not subscribe to the conclusion that global warming is manmade, it is a factor in overall climate change, it is happening right now, and it is a problem for life on Earth.

“Humans are causing global warming is the position of the Academies of Science from 80 countries plus many scientific organizations that study climate science. More specifically, around 95% of active climate researchers actively publishing climate papers endorse the consensus position,” says

Hasn’t the climate been changing for hundreds of thousands of years? Yes, but not at the rate it is today. Carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that is most responsible for global warming, has been on a steady rise in our atmosphere since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Scientists can study trees and ice cores to determine the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere going back hundreds of thousands of years, and we know that for most of history the global carbon dioxide level fluctuated between 170 and 300 parts per million. We have crossed the 400 ppm mark, and now hover at around 410 ppm. If you want to keep track of the CO2 levels, you can go here.

Ok, but there’s nothing I can do about it, right?

Wrong. There is plenty you, as a concerned citizen, can do to help combat the negative effects of climate change. Activism is the most effective way to fight. This means getting the message out there, joining up and volunteering or raising money for environmental organizations and climate change groups.

You can spread your message through customized merchandise with a clear and concise message. Research companies like that allow you to place small orders, so that you aren’t biting off more than you can chew. Sell the shirts, hoodies, and tote bags, then donate the proceeds to a local like minded cause.

You can participate in the political process, vote, and urge your representatives to support policies that help combat climate change, not exacerbate it. And encourage everyone you know to do the same.

In your own life you can take steps to reduce your carbon footprint like driving a more fuel-efficient car (go electric or hybrid!), taking green modes of transportation (walking and biking), reducing your consumption of red meat and dairy (their production is a huge factor in global warming), and making your home more energy efficient (think appliances, lighting, and water consumption).

As the sea levels rise, ice caps melt, oceans acidify, species die off, and weather becomes more intense and unpredictable, we are faced with the consequences of climate change on a daily basis. Without a change, it will only get worse. It’s vital that everyone – from world leaders all the way down to Joe Q. Public – take heed of the science and begin to work to reverse climate change. Time is running out.


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On the Summer Solstice – June 21st, 2017 – will  YOU light a candle in support of Mother Earth?

In support of the wonderful work of One World One LoveClimateMama  is honored to join the call to and stand in solidarity to defend the One Planet we all call home. The threat of climate change is real and knows no borders – refugee or citizen – we are all vulnerable, we are all one.

The #1World1Climate Campaign will bring us together in our town halls and city squares, on our beaches and mountain tops, in our backyards and at our dinner tables as we host candlelight vigils. #1World1Climate will connect us across the country and around the globe as we share our diverse stories and images. #1World1Climate will provide an opportunity to reflect on our hopes for our planet’s future, and set intentions to reduce our individual impacts.

We are thrilled to be partnering with our friends at One World One Love on this beautiful campaign. One day after World Refugee Day (June 20th) – we are asking people to light a candle for the world and climate hope. In these unprecedented times we are living in, we invite all our Climate Mamas and Papas to  come together in a moment of unity. Mark your calendars, gather your friends and family and find time on the Solstice, June 21, to light a candle for our Mother Earth.

Lets take a moment to remind each other we will take care of one another, we do care and we do have hope for tomorrow, showing the world through our actions and our words today. The ask isn’t a heavy lift, but we hope that the connections being made between climate change and refugees, will be something people will take away and think about long after they light a candle for our future and now. 

Climate change is here. We notice our seasons changing earlier than before, our weather becoming more extreme, our seas rising and our children’s health suffering. We hear scientists screaming for us to pay attention to the overwhelming body of evidence they have collected, and we are perplexed, saddened and angered as many of our elected officials ignore them. We are connecting the dots between the increase in refugees around the world and the climate change fingerprints on their countries, their farms, forests and fields, their water, air and their weather.

While climate change affects all of us, it disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable among us. For refugees, climate change exacerbates the hardships they face in their home (and host) countries. With limited resources — such as electricity, food, clean water and secure housing —  refugees are often more susceptible to the climate-related effects of harsh weather and disease.

Unfortunately, the road from refugee to citizen is a long one, and only possible for a minute fraction of those who apply. Once granted asylum, refugees continue to face challenges in their adoptive countries. From learning and adapting to a new language, community, and social system, to facing the fear and distrust of some of their new neighbors, the struggle continues.

On June 21st, let’s light our candles together – to support one another and our planet in the hope of a brighter future.



JOIN OR ORGANIZE A VIGIL. There is no vigil too big or too small. On June 21st, gather your friends in your home. Gather your community in your town. Go out into nature. Do something that’s meaningful to YOU and light your flame.

RSVP TO THE FACEBOOK EVENT. Share with your friends. On June 21st, post a photo on social media with the hashtag #1World1Climate and your location.

WANT TO DO MORE? Contact us. We look forward to hearing your ideas and answering your questions!

Check in often at the One World One Light program page for updates, and on the Facebook Event Page.


Climate Mama

Refugee girl photo credit:  Jametlene Reskp

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June 8th is World Oceans Day, a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better world.

Scientists tell us that our oceans are reaching their capacity as “carbon sinks.” As they absorb the greenhouse gases that we are creating, our oceans are heating up and becoming more acidic, threatening the health of all living things….

Grab the kids in your life, and celebrate the oceans. Check out some of the resources at the World Oceans Day site as well as those at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Take some time to talk about the Paris Climate Agreement and the historic nature of the commitments made  by all governments of the world  to acknowledge and to begin in earnest to repair the damages that we are inflicting on our mother earth. Discuss as well, the US administration’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement and the fact that this decision is not the will nor the wishes of the majority of the American people. Share the WeAreStillin campaign with them. Together we are building climate hope.



Climate Mama

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