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ClimateMama is about the facts, about getting the straight scoop, about understanding Climate Change and Global Warming. We want to help you make the connections - to understand how you, your family, your friends and your community are impacting and changing our climate. Then, we want to show you what you can do to make your hectic, harried life more sustainable, for you, for your children AND for the world we live in. We will offer you simple, straight forward, and easy to understand ways to combat climate change as well as easy to implement options to reduce your carbon footprint! We want to make it simple for you, as a Mama and Papa, to understand that climate change is a part of your life. We at ClimateMama, like you, have enough day to day issues in our lives just managing the craziness of our families, our careers, our busy 21st century lives…so we aren’t surprised or disappointed if you ask why climate change should matter to you and if you question what you, as an individual can really do that will make a difference to affect this global challenge.

Ask away!

ClimateMama is about Education, its about advocacy and its about choosing the most sustainable path to live your life without great disruptions....But with the right changes to help you feel that you can be part of the solution, as we work together to fix the mess our planet now finds itself in. Let us make it easier for you to pick the right products and services, to get the right information, to read the facts and get the most up to date information. Find out how to "figure out" what the politicians you believe in, believe on climate change. If they don't have a position on it find out why. Let us help you explain why you care, to your neighbors, your friends and your family, and help them understand why they should care too. We want to help you make the right choices, as we all buckle down for the “greatest challenge” of our lives.

ClimateMama is about incredible people, it’s about finding out what other Mama’s and Papa’s are doing to help make the world a better place.

ClimateMama is about finding and recommending the best products and services. Realistically, we know that we all are not going to stop buying things tomorrow. In fact, most of us couldn't survive if we did. So, we at ClimateMama want to help you choose products and services that are produced by companies that care about the future and sustainability of our planet as much as we do. When we recommend a product or service, or feature one on our website or blog, we have done so carefully and thoughtfully. 

ClimateMama is about you, and for you.

Climate Mama Workshops, Lectures, Featured Speaker, Media Expert

Interested in presentations, lectures, workshops or guest speakers on climate change or global warming? Looking for expert advice - get it direct from Climate Mama! Let us help YOU empower, educate and inform your colleagues, clients and community by: building your content, providing expert advice or creating interesting, current and offbeat, programming for your article, blog or company newsletter.

We would also be happy to work with you to design a unique event for your group, organization, municipality, school, house of worship or business. Let us help you and your community learn more about global warming and climate change and what practical, simple steps and actions you can take to make a difference and be part of the solution.

Contact us to explore opportunities, options, pricing and for more information.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 201-906- 2675

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