Climate Change and Refugees: Light a Candle, Join Our Campaign

On the Summer Solstice – June 21st, 2017 – will  YOU light a candle in support of Mother Earth?

In support of the wonderful work of One World One LoveClimateMama  is honored to join the call to and stand in solidarity to defend the One Planet we all call home. The threat of climate change is real and knows no borders – refugee or citizen – we are all vulnerable, we are all one.

The #1World1Climate Campaign will bring us together in our town halls and city squares, on our beaches and mountain tops, in our backyards and at our dinner tables as we host candlelight vigils. #1World1Climate will connect us across the country and around the globe as we share our diverse stories and images. #1World1Climate will provide an opportunity to reflect on our hopes for our planet’s future, and set intentions to reduce our individual impacts.

We are thrilled to be partnering with our friends at One World One Love on this beautiful campaign. One day after World Refugee Day (June 20th) – we are asking people to light a candle for the world and climate hope. In these unprecedented times we are living in, we invite all our Climate Mamas and Papas to  come together in a moment of unity. Mark your calendars, gather your friends and family and find time on the Solstice, June 21, to light a candle for our Mother Earth.

Lets take a moment to remind each other we will take care of one another, we do care and we do have hope for tomorrow, showing the world through our actions and our words today. The ask isn’t a heavy lift, but we hope that the connections being made between climate change and refugees, will be something people will take away and think about long after they light a candle for our future and now. 

Climate change is here. We notice our seasons changing earlier than before, our weather becoming more extreme, our seas rising and our children’s health suffering. We hear scientists screaming for us to pay attention to the overwhelming body of evidence they have collected, and we are perplexed, saddened and angered as many of our elected officials ignore them. We are connecting the dots between the increase in refugees around the world and the climate change fingerprints on their countries, their farms, forests and fields, their water, air and their weather.

While climate change affects all of us, it disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable among us. For refugees, climate change exacerbates the hardships they face in their home (and host) countries. With limited resources — such as electricity, food, clean water and secure housing —  refugees are often more susceptible to the climate-related effects of harsh weather and disease.

Unfortunately, the road from refugee to citizen is a long one, and only possible for a minute fraction of those who apply. Once granted asylum, refugees continue to face challenges in their adoptive countries. From learning and adapting to a new language, community, and social system, to facing the fear and distrust of some of their new neighbors, the struggle continues.

On June 21st, let’s light our candles together – to support one another and our planet in the hope of a brighter future.



JOIN OR ORGANIZE A VIGIL. There is no vigil too big or too small. On June 21st, gather your friends in your home. Gather your community in your town. Go out into nature. Do something that’s meaningful to YOU and light your flame.

RSVP TO THE FACEBOOK EVENT. Share with your friends. On June 21st, post a photo on social media with the hashtag #1World1Climate and your location.

WANT TO DO MORE? Contact us. We look forward to hearing your ideas and answering your questions!

Check in often at the One World One Light program page for updates, and on the Facebook Event Page.


Climate Mama

Refugee girl photo credit:  Jametlene Reskp

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