Top 5 Gas Guzzling Vehicles: Video Peek of the Week

The Top 5 Gas Guzzlers…According to our friends at Planet 100! Do you or your kids love cars? Are you noticing “smaller” vehicles on the road as gas gets more expensive? Have you ever driven in Europe – where are all their SUVs? What about hybrids – like or don’t like? This year, we will see the first plug in electric vehicles come to the US market; are you interested?

In 2010 the USA set new standards on vehicle MPG, the first BIG CHANGE in 30 years!! Better MPG means less greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere. Will your car make the cut? Take 2 minutes with the vehicle loving kids in your life and check out some of the gas guzzlers that have been on and off the roads in the US for years.

What are you driving? Are MPG something you will consider when it’s time to get a new car? Let us know what you are thinking…?

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