Corn Popping on the Stalk, Forest Fires in Colorado, Orangutans, Film Competitions and Deforestation – It’s a wRAP, Septmber 10, 2010

Forest fires are threatening the city of Boulder, Colorado, and all around the city, homes have been destroyed and forests burned. Wild fires are to blame, but what is contributing to the stubbornness of these fires and the difficulty fire fighters are having in putting them out? Once again, where are the connections? All over the state of Colorado, dead forests are “ticking time bombs”, waiting for the right conditions to explode. If you missed our series on the mountain pine beetle and the destruction of our forests out west, read it now. Make the connections, and help the kids in your life make the connections too.

So how hot is it really? We told you about the recent information released by NOAA

AP File

which tells us this has been the hottest decade, the hottest year and the hottest summer on record. Eighteen countries have recorded their highest temperatures ever, this year. And now, according to an article in this week’s Huffington Post a farmer in Kentucky has reported that it is so hot that his feed corn is actually “popping” on the stalk!

In our Video Peek of the Week, meet Green, an Orangutan from Indonesia, and a victim of deforestation, a leading cause of climate change. One of our partners, is in the process of selecting the winner in the HATCH Short Film Disaster competition, which recognizes individuals and organizations who have done “amazing things” in the face of environmental disasters. Help select the winner, “meet” some amazing individuals and organizations, and vote by September 15th! Also, if you haven’t’ met our September Climate Mama, Diz Glithero, do so now!

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